Angry Birds Trilogy – Nintendo 3DS

Rovio Entertainment and Activision’s Angry Birds Trilogy is a collection of Angry Birds games and episodes for the Nintendo 3DS. Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Rio are all included on a single disc or 3DS cartridge. It also features several gameplay improvements and new backdrops. Aside from the animation changes, there were additions of certain new features to the backgrounds, such as dandelions in the first backdrop for Poached Eggs. The birds’ sprites have a broad contour, but they don’t move smoothly, and their one-sprite emotions persist.

Angry Birds Trilogy Nintendo 3DS ROM cover image from Rovio Entertainment US. Adventure game for Citra.

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Angry Birds Trilogy: About the Game

In this game series, the furious birds struggle to safeguard their eggs from their foes, green-colored pigs. The game is loved by all for its compelling blend of enjoyable gameplay, funny aesthetic, and affordable pricing. The inspiration for the franchise came from the game Crush the Castle. Its success spawned many spin-offs: Angry Birds Toons, a TV cartoon series, and two films: The Angry Birds Movie and The Angry Birds Movie 2.  By January 2014, there were over 2 billion downloads across all platforms, including regular and special editions.

The first game in the entire series came out for iOS on December 11, 2009. The crew opted to utilize pigs as the Angry Birds’ antagonists because the 2009 swine flu crisis was in the headlines at the time. The firm ported Angry Birds to different touchscreen smartphone operating systems, including Android. All remaining Angry Birds games launched before October 2014 were canceled and deleted from app stores in early 2019, except Bad Piggies, which was added back in early 2020. However, in June 2021, Rovio revealed that the old games will be available in shops again sometime in the future due to strong demand from fans.

The game is a potent mixture because of its appealing graphic design, wacky sense of humor, and sneaky scoring hooks. The absolute power of Angry Birds is the suspense it creates between setting up a shot and hoping for a gratifying crash-bang-boom of pigs and tinkers toys. The highs of success, as well as the simplicity of starting again after an errant or disappointing toss, may be exciting, drawing players into an obsessive circle.

Angry Birtds Trilogy gameplay snow screenshot.


The game’s basic design is one of the key reasons for its enormous success. The layout is accessible for different ages and technical abilities. The adversary pigs are on the right side of the game screen, while the furious birds are on the left. The pigs are in wooden, concrete, steel, or ice constructions. To destroy the forts and smash the pigs, one must hurl the birds into the air. Although the game looks to be easy, it is based on science. A bird on the appropriate trajectory may wreak havoc on the pigs, while a bird on the wrong trajectory will result in failure, and you will have to restart the level.

Engaging And Simple

The makers of Angry Birds have guaranteed that the game is simple to pick up for a new player and that criteria such as age or IQ are not impediments to enjoying and even succeeding at the game. It means that none of the game’s problems are insurmountable; you can conquer them all with enough time and effort. It results in a low-stress game that one can play at any time and for any length of time.

This simplicity may also be detrimental to a game’s degree of engagement. People may lose interest in a game if the premise is too straightforward. However, because the game is dependent on trajectories, each time, the outcome is somewhat different. Even while participants quickly create a mental model of the game’s logic, strategy, and scoring, the game remains compelling. because the mental model carefully expands as the game proceeds with more birds and more intricate structures to demolish.


The element of mystery, no matter how minor, has the power to keep people interested. We find these hidden elements appealing, whether they are in art, advertising, or a movie. The game is packed with these little mysteries, such as the appearance of miniature bananas on some levels, the shaking of pig abodes shortly before the level starts, why birds somersault after release only sometimes, and so on. These minor niggles aren’t enough to irritate, but they give the game another layer of interest.

Angry Birds Trilogy: Game Features

  • For the first time, Angry Birds is soaring to the skies and smashing into gaming consoles worldwide! Gather your troops and get ready to fight!
  •  In one package, you get three of the most popular Angry Birds games.
  •  There are almost 100 hours of fascinating gameplay in this game.
  •  StreetPass and 3D capabilities are available.
  •  Bonus Levels are available in all three games in the collection.
  •  Biographies of the Birds, updated backdrops, and new Toons animated HD sequences are all included in the game.
  •  A level progression detector is also available in the game, with three blank stars at the top of the games and episodes. As you collect stars, the stars will fill up.
Angry Birds franchise cover poster.

Angry Birds Trilogy: How To Play?

If you haven’t played any of the Angry Birds games, a flock of irritated birds wages war on greenie meanie pigs using a catapult, firing themselves to take down the pigs and create as much havoc as possible. Each game is identical in every way, except for Rio’s substitution of pigs for bird cages, monkeys, and other wildlife. Players get up to three stars at the conclusion of each step of piggie eradication for the amount of damage done, and the number of birds left unflung.

The cumulative star total unlocks new areas in all three games. So, being stuck in Angry Birds doesn’t always mean you’ve reached the end of your journey; it just means that the fresh stuff unlocked in Seasons or Rio could be a better option right now. Returning to a finished level in any game unlocks the Mighty Eagle, which is a whole new method to play. Hurl a bar of soap into the scene to designate the location of a gigantic missile! You’ll see a percentage at the end that estimates how much damage you did.

Other 3DS capabilities, such as autostereoscopic 3D and buttons, are also skillfully utilized in Angry Birds Trilogy. The stylus controls resemble the smartphone UI, but people find that using the Circle Pad to aim and the A button to launch is significantly more convenient. The touch screen is for accurate aiming in the game, enabling you to pan around and zoom in close for a better perspective. Separating aiming from the field is highly important, as it allows for higher precision — not just mechanically. Still, the projected trajectory is now simpler to picture than when playing on a smartphone. Fingers may quickly slip to the edge of the screen and mess up a shot.


Perhaps you’ve never played Angry Birds before and are wondering as to why there’s such a big deal about t-shirts. Maybe you’re a die-hard fan who wants a concrete representation of your passion. You may also be a parent who wants your child to return your smartphone. On the other hand, Angry Birds Trilogy makes a convincing argument with its addicting gameplay and low barrier to entry… Even if the cheap compulsion shenanigans end up being more of a downer than intended.

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