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Bit Dungeon Plus is an action rogue-like adventure game. For a thousand years, your loved one and you have been trapped in medieval chambers. One minute you’re sleeping, and the next you’re on your quest with a heavy weapon! Hack and slash your way through until you find her.

While Bit Dungeon+ appears to offer some old-school difficulty to the Nintendo 3DS, it ultimately suffers from a lack of polish and significant technical difficulties. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is an inspiration on Bit Dungeon Plus. It has the same top-down perspective as the previous game and even employs 16-bit visuals. Players play a knight who may acquire new weapons, armor, and magic spells as they go through the game. They can even earn levels as in an RPG after defeating a certain amount of foes. After acquiring a level, players can opt to improve their maximum health, attack power, or critical strike strength.

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About Bit Dungeon Plus 3DS

Bit Dungeon Plus, which harkens back to the dusty days of the NES and SNES, plays a beautiful melody on the nostalgic strings. As a 16-bit hero, your goal is to beat a boss by navigating through a succession of randomly created chambers while battling wizards, skeletons, and other scary creatures. After completing a chamber, you get a key to move forward. Slain foes will yield health, magic, and money at random. You can swap these for better gear in the store section. After reaching the boss stage and putting him where he belongs, you will earn a save point.

As you begin your quest, your pixelated knight has the most basic weapons: a weak sword, flimsy shield, and near-useless armor. Beating the dungeons requires bolstering your inventory and apparel with better weapons and higher-stat gear. There are chests of loot strewn everywhere, and a short tap of the ‘Y’ brings up your hero’s qualities and statistics, as well as a rudimentary but helpful map. Finding higher-numbered things and stacking them against your present set-up is a tried-and-true idea, and its straightforward implementation shines well here.

In this case, simplicity works well because you’re looking for a sea of green digits, making things incredibly fast and somewhat favorable in the long term. This feature works as planned, and switching out stuff in practically every area to upgrade your inventory is a fun game element. >Because of that, going back into a room of slain opponents boosts your chances of obtaining some randomized treasure, in addition to grabbing life and magic potions from chests.

Slay and Loot

You’ll discover countless voracious zombie-rodents gleefully munching away on the lifeless remains of those who previously came in your way if you frequent an already-cleared room.

Slaying them is painless and straightforward, and it opens the door for some quick-grab goods. With magic providing you the upper hand, every precious sliver of health you can get your hands on is critical to surviving, especially when fighting the bosses. Finding the boss chambers is purely by chance; however, the final confrontations are a touch lackluster. It’s more exhilarating to reach the safe spot behind the massive weapons than it is to battle your way there. Even if you find the much-desired red door, you’ll probably want to finish the map and go back through the maze of chambers.

Not only will you enjoy turning over every stone, but you’ll also be looking for the elusive power-up orbs that appear. When you destroy a room of its foes, a set of three orbs may emerge. You must carefully pick between a max health boost, critical attack buff, or attack strength orb – a seemingly minor prize but one that is desperately required.

Bit Dungeon Plus 3DS: Game Features

Demons have kidnapped you and your loved one! You’ve been sleeping for a thousand years in a dungeon. You wake up in jail, take your weapon, and begin your search for her soul! You lose everything and have to start over if you die, just like the old quarter crunchers. Will you be able to make it to the end and rescue the day? The following are some of the game’s key features:

  • A new dungeon comes up each time you play by a sizeable procedural dungeon generator.
  • Items that are produced at random
  • Slots can be saved.
  • Massive Bosses are a must-have for every game.
  • Unlockables.
  • There are several different endings.
Bit Dungeon Plus Nintendo 3DS gameplay and first scene.

How To Play Bit Dungeon Plus?

Players control a knight in Bit Dungeon Plus, who may acquire new weapons, armor, and magic spells as they go. They can even earn levels as in an RPG after defeating a certain amount of foes. After acquiring a level, players can opt to improve their maximum health, attack power, or critical strike strength. By defeating specific opponents and smashing things, players can obtain health and magic restoring recipes. In addition, you may use secret stores located within the dungeon to purchase rare upgrades and equipment.

All of the game’s action takes place in these dungeons, which come at random. Every game will have various foes and items in the dungeons. If you kill a dungeon’s boss, you can advance to a more challenging dungeon. This time, though, you can equip any of the weapons and gear you discovered previously. As a result, you’re likely to uncover better weapons and armor each time you play. Bit Dungeon Plus’ central premise is entertaining. So much so that it may pique your interest enough to keep you playing for a while.

Other Game Content

Close-range foes are effectively non-threats since they move so slowly and never attack. If a ranged attacker fires a fireball or an arrow at you, you may defend yourself by raising your shield. However, don’t worry about receiving damage from melee adversaries; get near enough to swing away. You’ll be able to knock down bosses with three or four hits of the ‘A’ button after raising your attack power. While the game’s overall concept is entertaining, the difficulty curve appears to be untested since you may quickly become invincible.

The randomly generated dungeons, gear, and boss encounters, as well as the rapid procedure of hopping back in and starting over after dying, ensure that you never see the same room twice. It’s worth mentioning that the only writing you’ll see on the fast loading screens is ‘tips’ and suggestions on weapon and movement controls. Still, it’s this rapid accessibility that adds to Bit Dungeon Plus’s primary appeal.

Apart from the basic dungeon crawling single-player, Bit Dungeon Plus offers a handful of additional options. In the Boss phase, your talents are put to the test against only the most potent foes with similarly-high HP bars. Time Attack is essentially what Tower Of Babel is. There are no actual bosses, but completing a group of rooms gives you extra time. You can then spend it on better equipment and health/magic in the shop. The ability to gamble time for other health or more potent weaponry is a fun concept. The novelty wears off soon. You’ll feel right at home if you enjoy fighting against the clock and challenging opponents.


Bit Dungeon Plus accomplishes what it claims to do, and it does it effectively. The game’s pick-up-and-play simplicity will entice you more than the game’s rich plot of medieval rivalry and slaughter set in a large fantasy realm. Some may find its infinite nature aggravating and unsettling, but refining your gear and tactics with each round after innumerable near-death experiences is thrilling in and of itself. Make no mistake: the game is brutally honest for the genre it belongs to.

Is Bit Dungeon+ worth purchasing? Yes, and especially so if you’re looking for an essential yet extremely rewarding dungeon-crawler that won’t break the bank.

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