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Bonds of the Skies for Citra 3DS Emulator is a fantasy RPG game developed by Kemco and published by Hit-Point Inc. It was released on November 9th, 2017. The storyline of Bonds of the Skies is mostly a trope-driven anime/JRPG tale, with a few startling or hilarious parts.

The protagonist is a “genius-ditz” who is completely unaware of social standards. Yet, he is astonishingly perceptive in risky talks, whether with humans or godlike creatures. He encounters a mystery soul in the guise of a little blue dragon and embarks on a mission to rescue the world from disaster… as is customary in JRPGs.

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Bonds of the Skies: About the Game

Bonds of the Skies is a great 3DS RPG to download, but it feels cheap compared to other 3DS RPGs. The narrative follows Eil, a mystery orphan selected by a God (Wind Grimoa, Nogard). Rednaught, the large fire Grimoa, assaults his town during what is effectively his Barmitzvah. You must travel the world with Eil searching for companions and additional Grimoas to halt the heinous Rednaught in his trail. Your group will consist of three members: Eil, Iks, and Avi, and you will begin the adventure. A map of the locations of resources and goods comes up at the bottom of the screen.

Bonds of the Skies uses a quest-based structure, in which progressing through the main plot will lead to the following main quest, all while gaining new party members. You’ll see that the game uses a random encounter system. The best element of Bonds of the Skies is its turn-based warfare system. During the game’s numerous conflicts, you may alter the configuration of your three team members whenever you need to. If you move Iks to the left of the screen while he is low on health and squarely facing a high-health adversary, he will suffer minor damage and deliver less damage to that enemy.

Learning to use the changes effectively can be the difference between success and failure. It’s a basic yet effective system that distinguishes it from other JRPGs. However, keep in mind that opponents might modify their configuration at any time!

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Fast-Paced Adventure

Enemies will also do elemental damage and cause numerous illnesses on your fighters, like poison, stone, and Pancho. Unless you apply the skill for that particular curse, which is excessively practical, Pancho converts your team members into strange tiny creatures that do modest amounts of damage. Thankfully, remedies to treat these ailments are numerous. Plus, you’ll only run across foes who are genuinely dangerous once in a while.

Bonds of the Skies is a quick-paced RPG, which is welcome in a world awash in open-world monsters. It is an RPG that you can finish in a reasonable amount of time without disregarding your real-life obligations. You’ll have to go back and shout at your 3DS while you try to get off your boat and into the scarce landing zones. It’s a straightforward fight-your-way-through-it game with a boss fight at the end. Because of the fast-paced style of the game, you’ll be able to go through it all in no time.

Bonds Of The Skies: Game Features

The Grimoas’ existence has grown less significant in everyday life as time has passed. Eil’s village is unexpectedly besieged by a demon and enveloped in flames. He is in the middle of his Coming-of-Age ritual. Eil forms a bargain with Nogard, the Air Grimoa, to save everyone in the middle of the chaos. Eil and Nogard set out to discover the demon that engulfed the town in flames, as well as other Grimoas, to put an end to the carnage!

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  • Classic turn-based combat, as well as a Synchro Gauge system that allows you to unleash devastating powers when coordinated with the Grimoas
  • Throughout this epic adventure, you’ll be able to earn a variety of accomplishments, including tasks to complete and objects to gather.
  • You may buy equipment to help you proceed through the quest more smoothly and challenge yourself further in bonus dungeons by earning Folklore Points (FLP).
  • Personalize the characters’ talents to your liking, but keep in mind the restricted ‘cost levels’!
  • You can utilize special combat techniques if the Synchro Gauge with the Grimoas hits 100% during combat!
  • Every 24 hours, you can acquire one lottery ticket and enter the daily lottery!
  • Gold, silver, bronze, and regular rewards are available. The quantity of points you get depends on the gift you receive.
  • You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the game. There are instructions on conducting battles and seeking materials, among other things.
  • There are several goods available for purchase. Of course, there are goods to aid you in your mission, but there is also a slew of extras to make the game even more fun!
  • You may also play the main game without making any purchases to the conclusion.

How To Play Bonds Of The Skies?

After the initial sequence, go downstairs and examine your room’s clothes for some cash. The game has a lot of objects on the bookshelves, pots, and other goods. Checking them isn’t required for achievement or anything, but you may learn a lot from them. Just keep using Wind Blade during battles to get healed when you perish.

The statues help manufacture goods using recipes and to get missions. For the most part, the tasks demand you to kill five of the same sort of creature, and you’ll automatically complete them. The remainder should be done just when you are in good enough shape. So take what you see and don’t worry about it for the time being.

To get to the water, leave the settlement and proceed east. You’ll come across an area where the water is different, and you’ll locate Coastal Forest there. A chest may be found to the west, while some sparkles are available to the east. These contain resources that are related to a specific accomplishment.

Bonds of the Skies Game Map

The Loot is your Friend

Make a point of grabbing every search point you come across. They may go gone after one use, or you may need to check them numerous times. However, most chests do not include spectacular items. Proceed east to discover a chest at the first search site, then go to the next region under the bridge. Go north, and you’ll find a green spinning crystal that will cure you completely. Use it as soon as you notice it.

As one might expect from a vintage 16-bit JRPG, the controls are simple to pick up. The visuals are a nice improvement over most of KEMCO’s previous 3DS games. The soundtrack is also extremely friendly and does a great job of setting the tone for the game! Overall, it’s a fantastic game!


Bonds of the Skies for the 3DS is a fantastic game with good gameplay, superb controls, and a fantastic audio-visual presentation that should appeal to most RPG enthusiasts. The battles are very clever and entertaining. It’s an excellent game for newcomers who aren’t familiar with JRPGs or even old games. The tale is entertaining, and if you’re searching for a lighthearted game, Bond of the Skies might be what you’re looking for. Download the game from this page and fidget with your Citra for hours.

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Game functions flawless with no audio or graphical glitches, all tested functionality works as intended without any workarounds needed. – Bonds of the Skies Citra Emu Compatibility

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