Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors (or Fire Emblem Musou) is a crossover between the Fire Emblem and Warriors franchises. The game’s release date was set in September 2017 by Nintendo as a hack-and-slash game for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Critics compared the game to Hyrule Warriors, a Zelda hack-and-slash game.

In the game, players take the role of different characters in the Fire Emblem series. However, the most notable characters are Rowan and Lianna, the royal twins of Aytolis. After an attack on their kingdom, they travel to gain support from other nations in stopping Oskar of Gristonne from reviving an evil dragon. They seek to do this by powering up the Shield of Flames given to them by their mother just moments before she was captured during the attack.

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Fire Emblem Warriors – Gameplay

fire emblem warriors hack and slash

Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay focuses on hack-and-slash. This means the game puts a lot of emphasis on melee combat. However, this does not mean the game doesn’t also feature a few ranged weapons such as bows. Some examples of weapons in the game include axes, swords, bows, lances, and tomes. 

The objective of Fire Emblem Warriors is to power up the Shield of Flames the twins received from their mother using Gleamstones. The twins receive help from the heroes of other worlds to create these Gleamstones and thus stop the resurrection of the evil dragon. There are also specific goals for each map you must complete to be able to progress the game. 

Game Features of Fire Emblem Warriors

Game Modes

There are two game modes: Story mode and History mode. The Story mode features the narrative of the twins on their journey to save their kingdom. The History mode brings back battles from the history of the Fire Emblem series which feature in Fire Emblem Warriors. It’s also a good way to see a bit of the story from the original games. This is because, after completing a map, the game plays a story sequence loosely based on the featured game.

Pairing up characters

In Fire Emblem Warriors, you can pair up two characters on the battlefield. You can do this by simply approaching another playable character. Upon pairing up characters, the second character withdraws from the battlefield. However, you can swap between the two characters as to which one appears on the battlefield. The character you control gets a stat boost corresponding to the character they paired up with. Pairing up characters also allows you to perform special attacks and lets them shield each other from taking a hit.

Bonds between characters

It’s possible to strengthen the bond between characters during battle. If a specific character helps another one in a fight, this strengthens their bond. This gives them Support points with each other when you complete a certain objective. After a bond is strengthened, it’s possible to unlock special optional dialogue between the characters. There’s also a chance to earn Character Essences. They let characters learn skills once you reach support rank A.

Weapon Triangle

This is a staple of the Fire Emblem series which returns in Fire Emblem Warriors. It allows a character to gain an advantage over another character. The advantage usually gives them increased battle accuracy. However, the opposite is also true – getting a disadvantage means you have decreased battle accuracy. There are specific rules to determine the advantage. For example, sword users gain an advantage over axe users. Axe users gain an advantage over lance users, and lance users gain an advantage over sword users. It’s a bit like rock-paper-scissors. 

The Awakening gauge

The game features an Awakening gauge. Characters can fill this gauge up by using Awakening potions and doing special skills. Once full, the Awakening gauge gives the character the Awakening state. This allows them to receive stat boosts and gain certain bonuses. For example, all attacks again Captain characters give the player character a Weapon Triangle advantage. Once the characters leave the Awakening state, they perform a final special attack.

Forging and upgrading weapons

fire emblem warriors fighting

Each character in Fire Emblem Warriors can only use one specific type of weapon. However, it’s possible to strengthen a character’s weapon by upgrading it at the Camp. Upgrading the weapon can also give it special skills such as damage boosts, stat manipulation, and bonus damage. Depending on the weapon, you may sometimes have to kill a specific number of enemies before unlocking the special skill the weapon offers. There are also weapons that only a specific character can use.

Amiibo compatibility

Amiibo figurines are Nintendo’s toy-to-life platform. After purchasing an Amiibo, it’s possible to connect the figurine to the Nintendo 3DS and other Nintendo consoles, such as the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. After scanning the Fire Emblem Amiibo figurine, it gives you a weapon related to the character the Amiibo figurine represents.

How to Play Fire Emblem Warriors

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Playing the game

If you play Fire Emblem Warriors on your 3DS, the instructions on how to play the game should be displayed on the screen. This makes it easier to play the game as you don’t have to check which buttons correspond to which keybinding.

However, if you’re emulating the game on Citra, then you should check out Citra’s default keybindings as the game will most likely display the controls as they appear on the 3DS. You can also switch up the keybindings to make the gameplay more comfortable.

Downloading the game

You can use our free ROM download to play Fire Emblem Warriors. The ROM can run on the Nintendo 3DS or the Citra emulator. To run it on the 3DS, you must simply load it on your console. However, you must also have a CFW – such as Luma3DS – to be able to run it on the Nintendo 3DS.

To run it on Citra, you must make sure to select the correct folder the emulator will read the ROMs from. After that, it’ll be smooth sailing, as Citra automatically loads in all the ROMs in the folder. Also, make sure to extract the ROMs from the .rar file if you can’t find your game in the menu!

Game functions with major graphical or audio glitches, but the game is playable from start to finish with workarounds. – Official Citra Emu Verdict