Harvest Moon 3D: a Tale of Two Towns

Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns is a farming simulation video game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS created by Marvelous Entertainment as part of the Story of Seasons series. Natsume launched it in North America on September 20, 2011, for the Nintendo DS, and on November 1, 2011, for the Nintendo 3DS. 

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Harvest Moon 3D: a Tale of Two Towns Story

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Hundreds of years ago, the villages of Bluebell and Konohana were good neighbors. They were separated only by a mountain and connected by a tunnel beneath them. With time, Bluebell’s mayor began to feud with Konohana’s mayor. Each mayor claimed that his town was superior, causing friction between the two cities to grow. The Harvest Goddess became increasingly agitated as the mayors fought. The Harvest Goddess punished the two villages by shutting the tunnel that formerly connected them when the fighting didn’t end. Generations have passed, and the townspeople now have very little interaction with one another, yet they are still bitter.

You’re excited to start your new life as a farmer on a new farm. You tumble out of your carriage while traveling up the mountain after nearly colliding with foxes. In the meantime, you forget which town you were meant to dwell in! Rutger, the mayor of Bluebell, and Ina, the mayor of Konohana, will both tell you a little about their respective towns, and it will be up to you, the player, to choose which one you prefer. You will begin your new life in that town after selecting one, and you will seek to repair the bond between the two towns.

Game Features of Harvest Moon 3D: a Tale of Two Towns

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The basic goal of the game is to win the culinary contests that take place four times a season. This is the time when each community will unite and compete. By participating in each tournament, the two mayors’ relationship will gradually become stronger. The Harvest Goddess will ultimately decide to unblock the tunnel that separates the two villages as their relationship grows.

Although the game’s primary goal is to prepare meals for the culinary festival, it also has many traditional Harvest Moon themes. The player can choose between a female (Lillian) and a male (Phillip) character, as well as whatever town they want to reside in. After that, you can finally see your farm.

On their farm, the player may cultivate crops, raise cattle, forage, fish, collect bugs, and complete requests to earn money. Relationships play an important role in the game. Interacting with NPCs is vital for forming friendships as well as increasing a person’s flower level.


There are six bachelors and six bachelorettes available. The player must provide gifts to a marriage candidate and earn a particular number of friendship points. The player can take the marriage option out on dates once they have accumulated 5000 friendship points with them. Before you can marry anyone, you must have a large bed in your home. The player can propose using the Blue Feather, which can be purchased at shops if all of the marriage conditions for the marriage candidate have been met. Following marriage, the player has the option of upgrading the bed and remodeling the house to conceive a kid.

Cooking Festival

A culinary competition between the two towns is held during the food festival. The festival takes place four times every season, and the player can either participate in it or cheer for his or her town. Each municipality has a three-person team that presents the judge with a prepared meal. Whether you take part in the festival or cheer for your hometown, friendship points are earned. These points assist in filling up the friendship meter. By partaking in the festival, you will get more points than if they were rooting for their hometown.

How to Play

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You can play Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns ROM on the Citra 3DS emulator, on your phone, or on the PC. Before you begin playing Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns, there are a few things you should be aware of.

The purpose of the horse cart is for storage.

At the start of the game, you will be given a horse and a horse cart. Your mobile storage shed is the horse cart. Its contents may be accessed by checking the toolbox in your house or pressing A when standing outside your house at the cart. Purchase new versions of your horse cart from Pet Shops, win cooking festivals, and complete message board requests to enhance your horse cart.

The Horse Doesn’t Require your attention

In Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns, you can rent a horse for a charge. There are no friendship points for the horse, no horse festivals, and you may change it out at any moment for another horse. You can groom the horse and give it a Horse Treat, but it will be useless. It’s pointless to spend time attempting to win the horse’s heart when it doesn’t have any, to begin with. You will only use the horse as a mobile storage unit by connecting the horse cart to it and riding it from one town to the next. It is faster to ride a horse than to run.

Gather ten old boots, ten old balls, eight ore stones, and ten snowballs.

You can pick up rubbish things during bare-handed fishing. Keep any Old Boots or Old Balls you find in your horse cart until you have a total of ten of each. Rutger will post a request for Master Rod on the Bluebell discussion board during your first winter. He will ask you to bring him ten old boots and ten old balls. 

During the winter, snowballs appear at random on the ground. To accomplish Oracle’s request and receive the Snowboard, you’ll need ten of them. She also wants ten Elli Leaves, a foraged wildflower that blooms in the winter. 

You can find Ore Stone in the mountains. Look on the ground or forage in the tree trunks and mountain fissures to discover it. If you come across one, resist the urge to destroy it with your hammer to get access to its contents. Instead, put it in your storage cart until you’ve got a total of eight. You may then shatter any fresh ones you come across to see what’s inside.

Download Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS ROM

Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns works well, with no major audio or visual issues. Performance on mid-tier hardware is poor during the intro, but near perfect in-game. – Citra Emulator Compatibility Official Verdict