Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift is a 3DS video game developed by Behaviour Interactive, and released in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. As the name would suggest, this Citra ROM is based on the animated film Ice Age: Continental Drift. Naturally, the characters featured in the game are the same ones from the movie, such as Manny, Diego, and Peaches. 

Much like in the film, Manny and his herd encounter a bunch of pirates. Said pirates hold a secret treasure in their possession. Not knowing how to split it equally, they turn to other methods. They decide to host a series of sporting events, and the winner gets the prize.

The player will choose their team, and then they must do everything in their power to win the secret treasure.

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Ice Age: Continental Drift – Gameplay

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Your first step in Ice Age: Continental Drift will be picking your team. Should you choose Manny’s team, you’ll be playing as Ellie first for the tunnel sliding race. Then, you’ll play as Sid, and face off against Squint in the long jump and glyptodon throw. 

Granny will be competing against Gupta in an outdoor sliding race and Diego against Shira in a jumping race. Peaches will be up against Raz for the slingshot target game, and Manny’s opponent will be Gutt in yet another tunnel sliding game. This time, however, you’ll need to smash the ice using the right team sign. 

Furthermore, you’ll be playing as Scrat sometimes, on a level based on the opening of Ice Age: Meltdown. After passing the second level which is very similar, you’ll be playing as Ellie and Granny, or as Flynn and Gupta. The mission objective is to shoot Scrat into several trampolines, and flap to help Scrat stay airborne for longer. 

Next, Diego and Shira need to break a weak ice platform and the fastest one wins. After that, we get to see the ending – if it’s the good kind of ending for Manny’s team, they get the treasure. And if not, then Gutt’s crew gets it and leaves the Herd feeling disappointed. 

Game Features of Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Those who were hoping to see our favorite possums, Crash and Eddie, might not be happy with Ice Age: Continental Drift 3DS. Unfortunately, they don’t appear in this 3DS ROM for Citra, which is a bummer. Crash and Eddie would have been a wonderful addition to this 3DS Citra ROM. Their silly nature makes them extremely loveable, hence why we were extremely sad over this fact. 

But they’re not the only ones missing from Ice Age: Continental Drift 3DS ROM for Citra. Once you start playing the game, you’ll notice right away that some characters have voices, and some don’t. That’s because certain actors didn’t actually reprise their movie roles in this game. For instance, actors like Ray Romano, Jennifer Lopez, and Aziz Ansari. 

The Ice Age: Continental Drift 3DS ROM for Citra boasts some pretty amazing graphics. The 3D effects definitely add to its dimension, making it all the more immersive. In other words, there’s no lack of things to admire in this 3DS ROM for Citra. Just make sure you don’t get too distracted by the game’s visuals, you still have to win the secret treasure.

Also, you’ll also find a variety of minigames in Ice Age: Continental Drift for 3DS. The combo of using buttons, as well as touch screen (if you’re using Nintendo 3DS) will definitely keep you in suspense. With a little bit of time and hard work, you might just be able to secure a victory for your time. And even if you don’t, you’ll have a blast trying. 

How to Play Ice Age: Continental Drift 

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You can play Ice Age: Continental Drift 3DS ROM for Citra on your PC or Nintendo 3DS. Don’t worry, the 3DS ROM will run just fine on both versions. It’s simply a matter of preference. Whether you’re a fan of handheld consoles or not, you’ll definitely enjoy the Ice Age: Continental Drift ROM. After you’ve selected your preferred way of playing, it’s game on!

Just like in the movie, you have Manny and his merry band of misfits and the pirates, the actual band of misfits. Basically, after selecting your team, you’ll be facing off against the other team in a series of fun winter sports. As for the prize, you’ll be fighting for the pirates’ secret treasure. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3DS ROM for Citra – is it a good game?

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To sum up, Ice Age: Continental Drift is a fun game based on a movie with the same name. Fans of the Ice Age series are definitely in for a wild ride with this 3DS ROM for Citra. The game’s 3D effect and a combo of touch screen and button pressing will definitely keep you occupied. 

Even though we’re disappointed that Eddie and Crash don’t appear in this 3DS ROM for Citra, the game’s fun and easy gameplay definitely make up for it. We were also kinda sad about the fact that some of the leading actors didn’t reprise their roles in this ROM. Consequently, some of the characters were completely voiceless.

Other than that, Ice Age: Continental Drift is a blast to play. Minigames featuring our favorite Ice Age characters, a secret treasure, pirates, engaging gameplay – what’s not to like? 

Join Manny and his friends as they face off against the vicious pirates in a series of winter games. The winner takes it all, or in this case, the winner takes the secret treasure. 

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