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Mario Kart 7 is a racing game for the Nintendo 3DS developed by Nintendo EAD and Retro Studios. It is the eighth Mario Kart game for the Nintendo system and the second Mario game, in general, localized in Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian. It’s also the first Mario Kart game to include several video game developers and the second Mario Kart to feature a different game creator. For the first time, drivers may test their skills in new competitive kart scenarios, such as flying over the skies or falling into the ocean’s depths: new circuits, strategic new skills, and customizable karts up the stakes of the racing game.

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Mario Kart 7: Game Features

  • The Mario Kart series is ever-evolving, and ew kart abilities add to that. A kart deploys a wing on giant leaps to allow it to glide over the course shortcut. When the kart submerges, a propeller emerges to assist the kart in navigating the seafloor.
  • Players may express their individuality by personalizing their vehicles with extras that provide a competitive edge. Giant tires, for example, off-road aid driving, but smaller tires accelerate rapidly on concrete tracks.
  • People can race as one of their favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters or even their Mii.
  • New courses send players on thrilling drives across the desert, through the mountains, and the streets. Donkey Kong Country Returns fans will recognize new courses on Wuhu Island and in the forests.
  • Both SpotPass and StreetPass are available in the game.
  • Local wireless matches or online competitions are available to players with a broadband Internet connection.
  • One of the best gimmicks in the Mario Kart series, the glider debuted in this game.
  • You can now customize your carts! Select your kart’s body style, glider, and wheel type.
  • Music Park, Piranha Plant Slide, and DK Jungle are among the best tunes available.
  • Just like Mario Kart Wii, you can play online.
  • Because the 3DS has a Circle Pad, it has far superior controls than Mario Kart DS.
  • The Super Leaf, Fire Flower, and Lucky 7 are three new items.
  • Even by 3DS standards, the visuals are incredible.
  • The karts are each one-of-a-kind, with stats that allow for a variety of games.
  • This game also had underwater elements, such as turning on your kart’s underwater fan.
  • The tune Wario Shipyard is one of the rare times in the Wario Land series that a song has been remixed, with the music playing during the track being a remix of the boss theme from the original Wario Land.
  • You can now play in first-person mode.

Top Mario Kart 7: Hints For Playing Like A Pro

Mario Kart 7 Nintendo 3DS Flying Gliding Mechanics

You’ve undoubtedly put in a lot of time into Mario Kart 7, but if you’re still a loser rather than a leader, here are a few quick suggestions to help you improve your times. Check out Mario Kart 7 communities to meet with other users and even the occasional staff member to put your new abilities to the test.

Increased Boosts

The race for faster times starts at the starting line: press the pedal at the appropriate time for a rapid start. The trick is to push and hold accelerate as soon as the 2 stop spinning: if you time it well, your launch boost will last around a second. If you push very hard too soon, you’ll spin out; if you push too late, you’ll receive a shorter boost. Getting the fastest start is critical while playing a heavyweight with low acceleration, especially when facing the problematic staff ghosts.

R Button

Mastering Mario Kart requires the use of the R button. It allows you to drift around curves, but touching it on leaps and ramps provides you a slight speed boost as you land, similar to Mario Kart Wii’s gimmicks. It’s a slight boost that has a tremendous impact.

Blue Boosts

You may have noticed that there are now blue and red boost ramps. The red functions normally, but hitting a blue ramp activates the glider, which allows you to weave smoothly through the air. As previously stated, pressing R on the ramp causes a little spin for a boost on landing. When you’re in the air, keep an eye out for any pipes or fans that are pumping air up. You can use these to propel you to greater heights and help you collect valuable cash and goods. Plan ahead of time because you’re still vulnerable to things when in the air.

Floating Away

Mario Kart 7 Gliding Donkey Kong 3DS

Drifting has always been a Mario Kart feature, but its inclusion in Mario Kart DS caused controversy owing to the popularity of “snaking.” While it hasn’t been completely removed in MK7 Roms, it has been toned down to make things more equitable. Sparks build up based on how tightly you turn your controls. If you let your kart meander around the curve, you’ll be lucky to get a boost; if you hit the inside line fiercely, your sparks should increase considerably faster. Of course, each character has its peculiarities, so take the time to learn about the eccentricities of your chosen fighter and you’ll be well rewarded.

In the Slipstream

If you follow a competitor racer for a few seconds, you’ll earn a nice speed boost. Small dashed lines will show on screen, and you’ll hear an audio prompt if you’re slipstreaming successfully. You can surge past them if you stay behind them for a bit longer.

Greed is a Good Thing

Gold coins litter the raceways in Mario Kart 7 for the first time since Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Grabbing them boosts your total speed by 10 coins. However, if you get stuck or fall off the track, you will lose coins. Picking up a coin offers you a very brief speed boost, which you may not be aware of. While one is unlikely to make a significant difference in your time, it may provide you with a slight advantage over your opponent. Keep in mind that every coin you obtain is one that your opponents are unable to obtain.

Unlocking Characters And Karts

Coins aren’t only for speed; you can also use them to unlock karts and parts in the game. You’ll receive a new component every 50 coins until you reach 300, following which you’ll get 100 coins until you reach 1,000. It then climbs to 200 coins, with the last components costing 2,500 and 3,000 coins each. There’s also a unique section for winning all cups with a 1-Star ranking, so start practising! If you think the character choice screen is a little sparse, remember that you receive a new character each time you win a 150cc event in Grand Prix mode.


Because of significant shortcut vulnerabilities identified on specific courses, Mario Kart 7 is the first Nintendo 3DS game to leverage the system’s ability to patch games. The data is classed as 3DS Add-On Content, and updating is free; the patches may be uninstalled at any time and have no effect in offline play but are required to play online. Mario Kart 7 is chock-full of wins, thanks to spectacular new circuits, well-implemented gyro controls, the joyous return of coins, and a slew of additional modes. If you enjoy Mario Kart and have a Citra, you may download the Mario Kart 7 3DS Roms for Citra from our page and have hours of fun racing!

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