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Mario Party Island Tour is a Nintendo 3DS Mario Party game. It is the 12th installment in the Mario Party series and the third installment for a Nintendo portable platform. NDcube has created a Mario Party game for the second time. In wifi mode, up to four individuals can participate using only one single game card, like in Mario Party DS. In comparison to other Mario Party games, Mario Party: Island Tour features distinct gameplay objectives. Obtaining and utilizing goods to gain an edge over opponents and playing several minigames are all retained from previous Mario Party games.

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Story Of Mario Party Island Tour

After a quiet day at Peach’s Castle, Mario and his friends discover a bizarre note in a bubble inviting them to the Party Islands. The gang then rejoices, but the letter engulfs them in bubbles, carrying them through the skies to the Party Islands. While Mario and his pals are having fun and playing games, Bowser arrives. He is envious because Mario and his friends were invited, but he wasn’t. So he constructs Bowser’s Tower and invites anybody to his wicked party. Bowser proceeds to bubble up all of the joy from the Party Islands. He also uses evil magic to turn the bubbles into gang clones to protect the tower.

The player’s chosen character and a green Toad climb the tower, defeating bubble clones and monsters along the way. After beating Bowser in Bowser’s Sky Scuffle, the player’s character overcomes the Mario bubble clones defending the bubble machine, then uses a ground pound to smash the bubble machine. Bowser emerges shortly after, boosting the player’s character and the green Toad out of the tower, inviting them to fight him at any moment, and promising that he will not be defeated. As a result, Bowser constructs a tower filled with obstacles for Mario and his friends to overcome. Inside, they compete in a variety of minigames against effervescent clones of themselves. They eventually make it to the top and fight Bowser.

Features Of Mario Party Island Tour

With Mario Party: Island Tour on Nintendo 3DS, you can take the party on the road! Play against your friends and family in the all-new, ultimate Mario Party, a portable minigame extravaganza with endless gaming options. You will love it if you’ve never played a Mario Party game before. In this final clash, you may go to the road and blast through seven new game boards. Some of them are only a few minutes long. Tilt, touch, and sketch your way through new minigames that utilize Nintendo 3DS’s unique capability to wrangle goombas and fire them out of cannons.


  • Compete in new multiplayer modes such as mind-bending puzzles and minigame challenges, or immerse yourself in a new realm with AR Card play for up to four people.
  • There are seven new game boards, each with its own set of rules and features.
  • New boards and modes take only a few minutes to complete, making them perfect for portable play.
  • There are over 80 minigames specific to the Nintendo 3DS.
  • New multi-floor minigame tower for one player
  • Meet and duel with other partygoers using the StreetPass function.
  • Download Play allows you to have a party with up to three other individuals.
  • It’s a lot of fun to play Augmented Reality with other people.

How To Play Mario Party Island Tour?

Unlike the game that came before it, Mario Party 9. All four players ride together in a vehicle to collect the most Mini Stars, Mario Party: Island Tour employs the conventional autonomous four-player gameplay found in previous Mario Party games. Unlike earlier Mario Party games, where players must collect the most of a particular item to win, the final purpose of the game on most of the boards is to race opponents to the finish line on a linear-designed board. To travel across the board, participants roll a Dice Block with a number from 1 to 6 to determine their progress.

How it begins

Each board has its own play style and rules that differ from one another. One board, Star-Crossed Skyway, challenges players to collect the most Mini Stars, while Kamek’s Carpet Ride needs players to use numbered cards to land precisely on a particular area, known as a Just-Right Space. These boards also include the ability to swap the “6” on the Dice Block with another feature, among other things. A yellow Toad describes the board’s playstyle before players begin, and after they’ve gone through the rules, they roll a Dice Block to decide their turn order; players who roll a more significant number than others go first.

A Round is taken after each player has rolled a Dice Block and moved accordingly, similar to turns in previous Mario Party games. Unlike previous Mario Party games, which featured a set number of turns before the game ended, Mario Party: Island Tour continues until someone reaches the ultimate objective. Players can choose to utilize an item available or glance around the map to plan their path while starting their round. If the game is a tie, the winner is determined by a Dice Block roll. Various information, such as how many spots a player has landed on, a line graph displaying the players’ progress, and other records, are logged after the game.

Mario Party Island Tour - Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Toad racing

Minigames and Events

When players arrive on a Space, a specific event occurs based on the sort of space they landed on. When players land on a Green Space, for example, nothing happens. However, when they land on an Item Space on a particular board, they receive an item from a pool of randomized things. These things can either help the player or hinder their opponents. Players can carry up to two things simultaneously but use only one item every round. However, only a few boards include an item system. Plus, the types of stuff players obtain vary depending on the board. Players may participate in minigames on some boards, either after each turn or if one lands on a Minigame Space.

These minigames are brief, quick activities in which participants compete against one another under clearly defined, simple rules, with the majority of them taking place within a set time restriction. For example, some minigames demand players to survive a swarm of foes. Others ask them to compete against one another for the most points in the shortest amount of time. Depending on the board used, the person who performs the best in the minigame has precedence when picking which prize item to accept. The lower a player’s rank is the lower their priority for picking items is, and the lesser their prize is. A Dice Block is used to break ties when minigames result in a tie.


Mario Party: Island Tour is an excellent choice for youngsters, families, or anybody wishing to play with friends. The large number of minigames available means that many individuals will want to try their luck. Participating in any mode generates Mario Party Points. You can use them to buy collectibles that give you access to character voice clips and the game’s soundtrack. Nothing will be more fun than playing Mario Party: Island Tour with your friends and family. So, what do you have to lose? Participate in this exciting event by downloading the game from this page!

Download Mario Party Island Tour 3DS Citra ROM

The game can run full speed in the main menu and most minigames but may require decent hardware. Some minigames require the microphone which isn’t implemented yet, but can be simulated with button inputs as well. Citra’s networking features don’t work with this game yet. – Mario Party Island Tour Citra Compatibility

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