Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an action fantasy RPG game developed by Capcom. The game was first released for 3DS on the 11th of December 2011 in Japan. The Wii U version of the game was first released a little later, in December of 2012. On a related note, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS belongs to the fourth generation of the Monster Hunter series.  

This installment acts as an expansion of the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 (Tri). In the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ROM, the player starts out as a newbie hunter in the village of Moga. Soon after, the plot starts to unfold and the player must face off against various vicious beasts, completing quests as he journeys along.  

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Nintendo 3DS ROM specifications

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Story

In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the player takes on the role of a rookie hunter. Soon after the player arrives to Moga, a powerful earthquake shakes the village. Rumour has it that Lagiacrus, a serpent-like Leviathan monster, causes these earthquakes. The brave yet inexperienced monster hunter will take on the task of slaying the sea-dwelling serpent wyvern, in hopes of saving the village from complete destruction.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate harvesting

To battle this beast, the hunter must hone their skills and forge stronger weapons and armor. In order to do so, the hunter must hunt other weaker monsters nearby, and go on different quests. On the journey, the player meets Cha-Cha, a Shakalaka child who then aids the player throughout the game. The hunter’s new Lynian partner is on a quest himself, looking for the Ultimate Mask to become a Shakalaka adult. 

Then the plot thickens. Cha-Cha goes missing, and the earthquakes are yet to cease. The player continues the journey until certain circumstances, involving another Shakalaka kid named Kayamba and a quest to save his life. 

The storyline of the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ROM is so incredibly engaging, and the characters and monsters are so intertwined with the plot itself that it’s almost impossible to resist. 

Game Features of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Aside from a solid and thoroughly engaging plot, the game also brings something new to the plate but also includes some returning features from the previous games in the series.


If we’re talking big, let’s talk Monster Hunter monsters. This ROM includes the addition of 10 new monsters including a Flying Wyvern Lucent Nargacuga, 2 Brute Wyverns (Brachydios and Rust Duramboros), 2 Leviathans (Abyssal Lagiacrus and Ivory Lagiacrus), 3 Elder Dragons (Goldbeard Ceadeus, Hallowed Jhen Mohran, and Dire Miralis) and a single new Fanged Wyvern (Stygian Zinogre). The icing on the cake is the special variant of Deviljho, the Savage Deviljho.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster encounter

G Rank

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS also features the return of G rank, which is a level above high rank, including a new set of quests, monsters that are harder to beat, and upgraded weapons and armor. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3Ds is the first game in the series since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite that includes G Rank.  

Target Camera

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS welcomes the addition of an interesting new feature called Target Camera. By using the said feature, players can easily center the camera on nearby large monsters and not the direction that they’re facing at the moment, all by pressing the L button. When the players press the L button twice, the camera shifts back behind them, where it’s supposed to be. 

How to Play

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate reward box

You can play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ROM on a PC or a Nintendo 3DS. Pick whichever works best for you. The game is definitely engaging but it also involves a lot of work. The player’s goal should be to master one of a series of weapons and combat styles. 

Using your wits and taking advantage of whatever you can use in any given situation will help lead you to bigger and better quests. Consequently, this means you’ll face off against bigger monsters. On that note, we hope you’ll remember these tips and tricks if you find yourself in need.

Read Everything

Most RPG games nowadays are very to the point, which usually means you can just skip through most of the text you see on-screen. It’s almost always pointless, just mundane tone and scene-setting. 

However, that’s not the case here. Information is as good as gold in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so you should definitely take a mental note of every piece of text. Better yet, take a notebook and write it down, or keep your phone nearby and take a picture. Whatever you do, make sure you read everything carefully because you might find clues where you least expect. 

Become One with Your Weapon

The next thing you’re going to do is get to know your weapon. You can choose one of the 12 available options. Once you find the weapon which works best for you, stick to it. As a hunter, that weapon is essentially an extension of you. Your attacks breathe life into your weapon. The more well-versed you become in the art of war, the more fluid your movements will be. As a result, slaying monsters will be a piece of cake in no time.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gameplay

Enjoy the Hunt

To sum up, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an overall captivating game. In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate,  elements of various genres like fantasy, action, and RPG blend with a solid, well-structured plot that is incredibly immersive and engaging. You can easily get caught up in the game for hours on end, but that’s the whole fun of it. 

We sincerely hope you’ll heed our advice and use it to your advantage. Because after all, slow and steady wins the race or, in this case, slays the big, bad monster. You can find the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate download link for Citra right down below. You can find the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate download link for Citra right down below. 

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Download Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS ROM for Citra

The game has no obvious graphic and audio issues, and the game is playable. You may find that controller input speed is too fast. You can use a cheat code [credits to mikewii7] to improve the perfomance. And dont forget to turn of 3D display in game options and set depth to 0% in Citra options. – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ROM Citra Emu Compatibility

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