Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is a Japanese action fantasy RPG game developed and published by Capcom. The game was first released in Japan, on the 18th of March 2017 for the Citra 3DS Emulator. The Monster Hunter XX ROM also serves as an expansion of the second installment in the fourth generation of the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Generations. 

The expansion is regarded as a superior version of Monster Hunter X. The Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) welcomes several new additions but also includes some beloved features from its predecessors. The player is a Hunter who arrives in Bherna and takes on the task of aiding Monster research within the area. At first, the player performs low-rank tasks of gathering but is later entrusted with a different duty – taking down monsters. Not unlike its counterparts in the Monster Hunter series, the Monster Hunter XX 3DS allows players to hunt and carve monsters in order to forge new equipment and weapons. 

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) 3DS ROM specifications

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Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Story

In Monster Hunter XX for 3DS, the players find themselves in the shoes of monster hunters. As the name would suggest, they hunt huge monsters with the help of different weapons. These weapons range from sword and shield, axes that turn into swords, lances with shields, as well as sword and shields that turn into axes. Long-range fighters might be better off using weapons like bows and crossbows. 

As the players slay or capture monsters, they acquire parts, which are used to forge even more weapons and better armor. As a result, the players can slay monsters that are harder to fight but offer better rewards. Essentially, this is the whole point of the game – a ruthless, yet fun, cycle of slaughter and upgrades. 

Game Features of Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross)

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) game snapshot

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) for Citra honors the return of villages and monsters from the previous Monster Hunter series games. However, there’s also some new exciting stuff. 

Art Never Goes out of Style 

When it comes to weapon types, each of them offers 4 movesets (Hunting Styles). With this Hunting Styles system, you have more attack and defense possibilities for weapons. 

These styles also act as player skills, so players can use them to equip Hunter Arts. However, Hunter Arts can only be used after they’re filled with a gauge from attacking. As the players complete quests, they unlock new Arts. 

When it comes to novelty, Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) welcomes 2 new Hunting Styles (Alchemy Style and Valor Style), along with 4 returning ones (Guild Style, Aerial Style, Striker Style, and Adept Style). 

The Alchemy Styles is support-based, and it includes a meter that fills up over time. The player uses up the meter by performing Alchemy that, in the spirit of its name, concocts unique items (recovery or support items). On top of that, Alchemy Style allows 3 Hunter Arts.

On the other hand, the Valor style lets hunters sheath their weapons in order to charge attacks, and even absorb hits. Additionally, you can produce a number of special attacks from the sheathed stance. While executing these maneuvers, players are charging a meter which can eventually lead to unlocking upgrades (strength and moveset). Valor allows one single Hunter Art. 


Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) monster slaying

When it comes to monsters in the Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) ROM, they can be mounted, but the mounting threshold has increased, making it a bit more difficult. 

Another important thing to mention is that the monsters are now immune to damage from any source while they’re mounted. Consequently, the enemy hunter’s attacks can’t result in a dismount. 

Another newsworthy addition in the game is the introduction of Deviant monsters. The powerful monsters might be similar to Subspecies, but they have new attacks, and their behavior is also far less tame. 

Adding on to their royalty status, you can only find them in exclusive quests, and in order to access them, you need a special ticket. 

Weapon Upgrade 

Monster Hunter XX (double cross) weapon upgrade

Another great thing about Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is the revamped weapon upgrade system. Now the player can any item in the category listed in the upgrade, therefore 

reducing the amount of sweat and tears you’d shed to get a certain item. 

Additionally, weapons also feature levels that raise attack and elemental attack when they’re raised. Accumulating enough levels leads to a weapon upgrade, and higher rarity items get more level experience. 

How to Play 

You can play Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) on a PC, or a Nintendo 3DS. All versions run just fine, but Nintendo 3DS will save your progress, and even give you a password to access it. This is great for people who invested a lot of time and effort, and really don’t feel like going through all that again. 

Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is definitely a lot of work, but that’s part of the fun. As you get better gear and begin to understand the monsters’ patterns, your battles will become more and more fluid and effortless.  

As for the game itself, it can be split up into single and multiplayer modes. Single-player has a story that’s more set, and we definitely recommend this as a starting point. As you get more confident, you can try your luck in multiplayer mode by finding teams to take down monsters together.

We’d also like to offer you some great tips on how to get the most out of Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross). 

Get a Palico 

Palicos are cute feline-folk that appear as assistance characters and playable characters, but that’s not all. Nyanta, the playable Palicos, also provides an array of handy support items. They can also dig a hole to evade monsters faster than you can blink, collect items like it’s nobody’s business, and the best part is they can come back to life two times before getting knocked out. You can recruit your Palico at the Palico Ranch in Bherna Village. 

The Chest Is Your Friend

Monster Hunter XX (double cross) looting

When you start quests, you’ll be in camp, where you can find a chest. Remember that this chest has some pretty handy items – like maps and paintballs. Paintballs are especially useful because they can help you keep track of monsters. All you’ve got to do is throw a paintball at it. This is where the map comes in – once you hit the monster with the paintball, you can easily track its movements on the map. 

Carving is a Craft

After you’ve killed a monster, make sure you carve it for the monster parts. Monster parts can be very useful because you can use them to craft better gear. So once you’re done hunting, get to carving. Your gear will thank you. 

Happy Hunting 

All in all, Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) is fun and engaging. It’ll definitely keep you on your toes. Enjoy its new exciting features, and hunt monsters alone or with friends.

We hope you’ll use some of our tips to spend less time on the grind. You can find the download link for Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) down below. 

And lastly, make sure to check out other games, tricks, tips, and gameplays on our website. We promise you won’t regret it. Happy hunting, monster hunters! 

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