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If you enjoy Sudoku and other pencil puzzles, you’ll adore Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle for Nintendo 3DS. It will give hours of enjoyable amusement while also stimulating your brain’s arithmetic and puzzle-solving areas. Engage your intellect with 5 different and challenging problems within this real Nintendo 3DS puzzle game, brought to you by world-renowned puzzle maker Nikoli! Take the game with you everywhere you go, play during breaks, or unwind at home with this energizing puzzler. Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle offers fan-favorite puzzles directly to your fingertips, with various games at various levels of difficulty.

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Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle: About Game

Over 600 puzzles are distributed among five engaging games in this game. Bridges, Boxes, and Museum are some of the other games available. Aside from that, you’ll be able to play a unique puzzle game that is available just for the Nintendo 3DS. After selecting a save spot, the game allows you to choose from four different puzzle kinds. Sudoku is perhaps the most well-known, which is why this bundle includes 300 problems of varied difficulties. When you combine them all, you’ll have 600 puzzles to complete, which is something no other portable game has ever given. Surprisingly, the games connect in one way, even though they are very distinct experiences.

Items and Screens

Each problem you solve in any game or difficulty level earns you a clue coin, which you may use to get a partial answer to a puzzle. The good news is that the coins aren’t tied to a particular puzzle type, so if you’re strong at Sudoku but not so much at Akari, you can use your Sudoku coins to aid you with Akari.

It’s an excellent feature that assures that players will go past the initial challenge in each game. While the bottom screen receives the majority of your attention, the higher screen also performs some functions. If you choose, the upper screen can show the entire board; this is useful for more significant problems, but there are two additional possibilities if you don’t want it.

The first choice is a random item that remains on top of the screen without moving or interacting. The second graphic choice shows something influenced by your puzzle activities and varies greatly depending on the game style. Akari has a bubble-blowing child who turns on lights in a house full of corridors, occasionally uncovering a robber. Bomberman builds bridges on various islands and blows up ones that have been taken away in Hashi. Three automobiles race in a Tron-like atmosphere in Shikaku. Finally, as your finished squares dance around the screen, a slideshow of various distinct landmarks passes past.

Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle: How To Play?

Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle is named after the Japanese publisher that popularised Sudoku, presented with three of the company’s own games: Shikaku, Hashi, and Akari. And, for the most part, it’s a high-quality, if limited-scope, compilation. Each of the four problems is a numerical logic challenge requiring deductive thinking, yet each seems distinct enough to work nicely together.

Sudoku is perhaps the most well-known, which is why this bundle includes 300 problems of varied difficulties. For the uninitiated, you’ll be given a nine-by-nine grid with three-by-three squares in each sector. Some of the tiles have numbers on them already, and you must make sure that each three-by-three field has the numbers one through nine. The catch is that no two numbers can appear in the same horizontal or vertical line; therefore, each three-by-three field and each horizontal and vertical line must include a complete set of the numbers from 1-9, with no repeats.

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Shikaku, Hashi and Akari

Shikaku is a game in which you are given a tiled board and must fill it with boxes. The catch is that You must label each box with a number that corresponds to its size. For example, if the box has the number six, it can only accommodate six tiles in either a two-by-three or a one-by-six layout. To add to the complexity, you cannot stack boxes on top of each other, and no two numbers can be in the same box. There are 110 puzzles in all, which range in difficulty and size, with some riddles taking up more than one screen.

Hashi is a fun game that incorporates the concepts of islands and bridges. You will get a board with some numbers on it once more. Each number corresponds to an island and the number of bridges required to connect it to the rest of the world. You can connect two islands with two bridges, but each bridge cannot pass over the other. In addition, the bridge system must ensure that all of the islands are connected in some fashion. There are 70 riddles of various complexity, just like in the preceding games.

The package’s last game, Akari, has you experimenting with light bulbs to illuminate every square tile on the board. The numbered squares show how many lights you can place around the filled-in tile; however, you cannot place bulbs in squares where other bulbs have already been lighted. While you must arrange lights around the numbered tiles, you are not limited to simply placing bulbs around numbered tile regions, giving you greater leeway in bulb placement. There are a total of 120 unique puzzles in this category.

Game Features And Graphics

The bundle encapsulates what makes logic games so enjoyable: they’re simple to pick up, simple to understand, yet just tricky enough to keep each round unique. Depending on how quickly you finish each problem, you can win different colored crowns. They fall into four difficulty categories, ranging from easy to challenging, generally correct. Most boards may easily pass for Normal or higher, and it’s unusual to find an Easy puzzle that meets the description. If you enjoy a good challenge, this will not be an issue.

Temporary markers are available in each activity, but only Akari offers the option of deleting them all at once. Additionally, you can only divide each Sudoku square into four guessing locations, which might be challenging. Aside from this game, they all allow you to put your mark in a few different colors, which is helpful while coding, for example, green for lines you’re confident of and yellow for those you’re not. Solving puzzles or buying Play Coins can also get you clues.

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Relaxing Visuals

Even though puzzle games don’t require attractive visuals, this one aims to provide something else to look at if you become weary of the task. The playing field is simple, but the board is clear, so you won’t be confused about what you’re doing. The upper screen appears to be acceptable, but simpler appears to be preferable here. Objects, too, have detail; thus, random stationary objects and monument replicas seem as well as one could imagine. Meanwhile, Bomberman and the islands appear impressive in comparison because of their simplicity. All puzzle gamers want is for the pieces that matter to appear nice enough.


Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle is a good game that appears to be a good match for the Nintendo 3DS. The pricing is lower than other new 3DS games, making it appear to be a good deal. If you’re looking for a 3DS puzzle game, this is a great pick. Nikoli’s only has four activities, but they’re all enjoyable and varied enough to make this an excellent collection, and with 600 puzzles in all, you’ll be busy for a long time. This game might be beneficial to anyone searching for some straightforward, slightly sophisticated logic-based entertainment. You can download the ROM to this game right here, right now. Prepare yourself for hours of mind-boggling puzzles

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