Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter is a ROM hack for Pokemon FireRed. Aethestode created and developed the hack, and they based it on the Pokemon Adventure Red Manga. It boasts many changes and improvements to graphics, story, and gameplay. The hack improves the gameplay and experience of the player and is a fan favorite. It was nominated for the PokeCommunity Hack of the Year contest and took the title in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The hack got its final update from the creator in October 2020.

The original game, Pokemon FireRed, is a remake of the 1996 Pokemon Red published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. Along with its counterpart, Pokemon LeafGreen, the game came out in 2004. The game is part of the Pokemon video game series’ third generation. The games received mostly positive reviews, with praises for their traditional gameplay with new features. Knowing this, Pokemon FireRed’s popularity is no surprise, and neither is the fact that there is a ROM hack to further improve the game.

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter/Pokemon ARC ROM specifications

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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Story

The story follows the events of the Pokemon Adventures Manga, adding some new and fresh plot to the story of Pokemon FireRed.

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Poke Center

Pokemon Adventures Manga story elements

The story follows the events of the Pokemon Adventures Manga, adding some new and fresh plot to the story of Pokemon FireRed. The story is a bit more brutal and cruel when comparing it to classic Pokemon games. The author states that some of the elements in the game are not for children. As it is based on the manga it, of course, also features appearances from the characters in the manga. Some of those characters are Ash Ketchum, Nurse Joy, Professor Ivy, Jessie, James, Meowth, and more. 

However, even the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter story differs from the Pokemon Adventures Manga. For example, unlike the manga, Team Rocket attacks Red in their hideout. Without spoiling too much, there are also a few plot points involving murder, kidnapping, and black-market dealings. 

Pokemon FireRed Story: The Classic Premise

The regular FireRed story takes place in the fictional Kanto region, which is popular in the Pokemon video game series. The player, as the protagonist, starts in Pallet Town. After choosing a starter Pokemon alongside their rival provided by Professor Oak, the player sets off to fill out their PokéDex. Professor Oak, who provided the PokéDex, wishes to create a comprehensive list of every Pokemon in the region.

The protagonist also finds out about Pokemon Gyms in each region they visit, with Gym Leaders the player must defeat. After defeating the Gym Leaders, the player obtains a Gym Badge. They must collect all of these badges to enter the Pokemon League and battle the Elite Four. 

Along the way, the player also crosses paths with Team Rocket, a criminal organization that plans to capture and abuse rare Pokemon. It is the protagonist’s job to stop them from realizing these plans. With all these plot points in mind, the game has a pretty solid story set up for the players to enjoy.

Features of Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Turtle Pokemon

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter is meant to enhance the player’s gameplay and story experience. To achieve this, the author of the ROM hack implemented a few new features. While some of these features pertain to the story, which we’ve talked about in the previous section, now we’ll get to talk about the gameplay features in the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

Updated graphics

Although the original game itself is a remake, this hack improves the graphics even further. As a result, you can enjoy the refined and updated graphics and character sprites as you play through the game!

Level cap

The level cap is now 255, a large increase from the previous cap of 100. This means the player can become even stronger nearing the end of the game. However, it also means you will encounter higher-level Pokemon that, in turn, pose a higher threat.

New regions

The ROM hack also adds in a few new regions the player can visit. These regions also have new objectives for the player to complete, new side quests, and interesting characters to meet.

Reusable TMs

Technical Machines, abbreviated as TMs, are special items you can use to teach your Pokemon moves. Reusable TMs without the use of hacks are only obtainable in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. That’s why reusable TMs are a pretty big feature in the Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter.

Evolution changes

Some evolutions are now easier to get. The player will usually need some type of evolutionary stone to complete the process. There are also new ways to obtain some Trade Evolutions. For example, if they required held items, now you only need a Link Stone to obtain them. 

Other new features

The creator has also added new battle backgrounds, new music, character customization, a day and night system, Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion, Fusion Pokemon, and mugshots. There are also two rivals in the game, whereas in the original game there is only one.

The author has been adding all of these features since the hack’s initial release in 2013 up until 2020. October 2020 is when Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter got its final version from the author.

How to Play Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Battle Mechanics Laketoise


The gameplay is pretty much the same as all the other Pokemon handheld console video games. It features the third-person, overhead perspective. There’s an overworld screen where the player can control the protagonist and a battle screen that pops up when the player goes into battle. 

The battles are turn-based between the player’s Pokemon and the enemy Pokemon. The enemy Pokemon may come from an encounter in the wild or as a result of an enemy Pokemon trainer challenging the player. During the battle, the player has four options: use a move, use an item, switch out the current active Pokemon, or flee. After one of the Pokemon’s HP reaches 0, they faint and can no longer participate in the battle. 

The player fills their PokéDex by encountering and capturing other Pokemon. You can capture a Pokemon by throwing a PokéBall at them. Of course, capturing the Pokemon is not guaranteed, and some of the main factors include the Pokemon’s HP and the type of PokéBall the player uses. 

Running the game

As the original game runs on the Game Boy Advance, the ROM hack also runs on this platform. Players require a copy of Pokemon FireRed to be able to run Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter. You can play the game on the original console or a Game Boy Advance emulator. Alternatively, you can add a patch (available on download) to the GBA ROM to turn it into a CIA file to play Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter on a Nintendo 3DS (or an emulator like Citra).

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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter GBA Cover

This game is based on Pokemon Adventure Red Manga, and the creator changed some events to make the game longer and entertaining. Some items, Pokemon, and skills were added, making the game even more different and improved from the original FireRed game.