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Pokemon Blue Version is a Nintendo 3DS re-release of the 1996 classic published by Nintendo for the GameBoy. Along with the Pokemon Red Version, it debuted in 2016 for the 3DS console. This date coincided with the date of the original release of the Pokemon Blue Version. Considering the games are re-released, many elements of the story and gameplay have stayed the same.

The games, as well as their re-releases, have received critical acclaim and positive reviews. They have even made it onto the list of the greatest games ever made. Its concept of Game Link cables, which the 3DS later also simulated, was particularly popular with critics and fans alike.

This ROM for Pokemon Blue Version can be played on a Nintendo 3DS or emulated on the Citra 3DS emulator.

Pokemon Blue Version 3DS .CIA ROM specifications

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Pokemon Blue Version Story

Pokemon Blue Version and Red Version share the same story, even though they are independent games.

Pokemon Blue Version Poke Center

Starting the journey

The protagonist starts their journey in Pallet Town, where they are stopped by Professor Oak after venturing into the tall grass. The Professor lets the player know that going into tall grass alone is dangerous because they can run into wild Pokemon.

After taking the player to his laboratory where the Professor’s grandson, a rival aspiring Pokemon trainer, also appears, they are both instructed to select a starter Pokemon. The options in Pokemon Blue Version are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Professor Oak’s grandson will always choose the starter that counters your Pokemon, so there’s no point in trying to outsmart him.

Filling out your Pokedex

After choosing your Pokemon and battling your rival for the first time, Professor Oak will also provide you with a Pokedex. Because he is a famous Pokemon researcher, his goal is to make a comprehensive list of every Pokemon in the region. It’s now the player’s job to catch and gain information on each Pokemon in the Kanto region, where the game takes place. To do this, you must travel around the region to each city, and encounter or catch different types of Pokemon.

Encountering Pokemon Gyms

In each city they visit, the protagonist will find a Pokemon Gym established in the area. Upon battling and defeating the Gym Leaders, the protagonist obtains Gym Badges. There are a total of eight to gather, and upon doing so, you will gain access to the Indigo League.

The Indigo League is a Pokemon League which consists of the best trainers in the Kanto region. After entering the Indigo League, the player must battle and defeat the Elite Four to be able to face off with the Champion, which is Professor Oak’s grandson and the protagonist’s rival.

Team Rocket blasting off again…

Aside from the main objective of collecting the Pokemon, obtaining the badges, and entering the Indigo League, the protagonist has yet another quest. Throughout the game, the player will encounter Team Rocket. They are a criminal organization that plans to capture and abuse rare Pokemon. The player must find ways to foil their plans and prevent innocent and powerful Pokemon’s powers from being used for evil.

Features of Pokemon Blue Version

Pokemon Blue Version tall Grass

The 3DS adaptation of the 1996 game stays faithful to its origins when it comes to graphics, art, and music. It features all the pixel art and 4-bit music from the original game. However, 20 years of advancement in technology has allowed the Pokemon Blue Version released for the 3DS to boast some new and improved features.

Simulated Link Cable

As mentioned before, the 1996 version of Pokemon Blue Version required the player to own a Link Cable for the GameBoy. This allowed the player to connect, trade, and battle with others in a multiplayer setting. The games received a lot of praise for this concept, and Nintendo made use of the 3DS’s capabilities by simulating the link cable.

The Nintendo 3DS’s wireless options allow for the same concept of trading and battling, without the added hassle of purchasing cables. There are 151 types of Pokemon to catch between Pokemon Red and Blue Version. However, you can’t catch all of the Pokemon only in the Pokemon Blue Version. As is the standard with Pokemon games, you need both versions of the game to fully complete your Pokedex.

Pokemon Bank

Nintendo has also developed a Pokemon Bank, an application that allows players to manage and store their caught Pokemon from all compatible games in one place. They have also made the Pokemon Blue Version compatible with this Bank. By doing this, they have made it possible for players to transfer their caught Pokemon to the then-upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon video games. These games came out shortly after the re-release of Pokemon Blue and Red Version. 

How to Play Pokemon Blue Version

As with any older Pokemon game, the gameplay features a third-person, overhead perspective. The player can access the overworld, the battle screen, and the menu screen. 

The overworld is the area in which the player controls their character, allowing them to visit other towns. Here you can move your character, talk to NPCs, visit shops to buy items, and more.

Pokemon Blue Version Battle Weedle and Squirtle

The battle screen allows the player to pit their Pokemon against the enemy Pokemon. These Pokemon can belong to other trainers, or they can be encountered in the wild. On this screen, the player has four options: use a move, use an item, switch the current Pokemon, or flee.

On this screen, the player can also catch enemy Pokemon by throwing a Pokeball. The success rate of catching the Pokemon depends on the type of Pokeball used, and the target Pokemon’s HP. The higher the Pokeball’s quality, and the lower the Pokemon’s HP, the better chances there are of catching the Pokemon.

The menu screen allows players to manage their items and Pokemon. Here you can also change gameplay settings such as audio, video, and other interfaces that appear in the game.

Running the game

To be able to run the game, you must own a Nintendo 3DS or have downloaded the Citra 3DS emulator. Keep in mind that the controls displayed on the screen may be confusing if you’re playing on the emulator. This is why looking up the Citra default keybindings can be useful for players using Citra.

After making sure of this, simply download the ROM, load it into your 3DS or emulator, and relive your childhood!

Download Pokemon Blue Version 3DS ROM for Citra

Game functions with major graphical or audio glitches, but game is playable from start to finish with workarounds. – Pokemon Blue Version Citra Emu Compatibility

Pokemon Blue Version