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Pokemon Nova Hoenn is no ordinary RPG game. In fact, Pokemon Nova Hoenn for 3DS is a remake of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. A ROM hacker known as Punxhi05 created the game and released it in 2017.  

Another interesting thing about this obscure ROM is that the original ROM was in Spanish. When it comes to the story itself, the tale of Pokemon Nova Hoenn revolves around a Pokemon named Celebi and a strange stone, and, as always, involves a young Pokemon trainer on a divine mission.  

Pokemon Nova Hoenn Nintendo 3DS Citra ROM Specifications

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Pokemon Nova Hoenn Story

As is the case with any Pokemon story, it involves a certain Pokemon and a young ambitious Pokemon trainer. In Pokemon Nova Hoenn, our tale takes us to an ancient forest, where a Pokemon known as Celebi comes across a strange stone. In the spirit of this lore-like mood, the darkness that lurks within the heart of Celebi completely controlled the Pokemon, causing chaos and destruction wherever it went. 

Eventually, men created a stone with the possibility of countering the power of the other, consequently weakening the Pokemon. Now, that very same stone now rests in the Hoenn region. 

This is where our young, ambitious hero, comes in to save the day. The player takes on the role of this eager Pokemon trainer in hopes of becoming the new champion, and most importantly, fulfilling a much more divine cause, freeing Celebi. 

The basic storyline stayed the same: our hero moves to a new location to get a fresh start. Immediately after, the player encounters friends and rivals, and naturally, they’ll face the decision of choosing their own starter Pokemon. So, make sure your choice is tailored to your needs and fighting style. 

On their journey, you’ll encounter some of the world’s greatest Pokemon gym leaders, and you’ll definitely clash with Team Yami. This evil team is up to no good – they seek to capture Celebi to use in their plan to achieve world domination. 

Pokemon Nova Hoenn Celebi

Celebi Facts 

Several interesting facts about the Celebi Pokemon. Aside from the fact that they’re extremely cute, we also know that we can find this Pokemon in very peaceful areas, or more particularly, forests. The Hoenn region is home to lush green nature, therefore it’s a seemingly perfect place to find this adorable rascal. Celebi’s relationship with the forest goes way deeper. In fact, Celebi is known to many as ‘the Voice of the forest’. 

Game Features of Pokemon Nova Hoenn

If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of in the Pokemon series, it’s constant remakes with better features. For instance, let’s take Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire. These games themselves are the second pair in the Pokemon series’ sixth generation games. And now, here we are with another creative remake. 

When it comes to similarities between the ROMs, we can clearly see the main points in the plot stayed the same. As a matter of fact, the story is just like the one we have in regular Alpha Saphire. However, certain differences do exist. 

Let’s talk characters. Pokemon Nova Hoenn for Citra made certain changes to some of the player’s first companions, Brendan and May. The two are no longer called Brendan and May but become Max and Jenna. 

Pokemon Nova Hoenn Battle: Sparky and Dark Celeby

There’s a bit of a pattern situation going on in Pokemon Nova Hoenn. Team Aqua is replaced by Team Yami. Furthermore, all the gym leaders, the elite four, Steven, Zinnia and Birch were replaced by other characters too (other canon characters from the other games, manga, anime, or OC’s). 

Here are some general things you should know about Pokemon Nova Hoenn 3DS. All the normal trainers and wild Pokemon are randomized. However, there are several exceptions, like Aarune and post-game rematches with Wally, and the elite four and Steven. 

Also, all Pokemon that evolved by trading, can now evolve another way. The only exceptions to this rule are Porygon and Porygon2. Some additional ways of leveling up include stone, leveling up with an equipped item, level, level of friendship, and others such as Umbreon and Espeon. 

When it comes to further additions to Pokemon Nova Hoenn for Citra, the Delta Episode (Pokemon Nova Hoenn Epilogue) has an entirely new original story, involving a superstar Pokemon God, Arceus. 

How to Play 

Pokemon Nova Hoenn Area Navigation in Littleroot Town

You can play Pokemon Nova Hoenn ROM on PC or Nintendo 3DS. Both versions will run fine, but the choice between the two is entirely up to you. 

Similar to every story involving Pokemon, your main goal is to fill up your Pokedex as quickly as possible, and to defeat the other trainers in order to become the new champ. On your path to fulfilling your dreams, you’ll meet many others, and whether they be friends or foes, you’ll definitely learn from the experience. Either way you look at it, the Pokemon Nova Hoenn ROM is definitely something of a pickle, and you’re definitely in for a ride. 

Have Fun Playing Pokemon Nova Hoenn

To sum up, Pokemon Nova Hoenn is unique in its own way. Its captivating story and the hero’s worthy cause make it a gem among other Pokemon games. Although the game is a remake of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it still has a lot to offer. If you’re a devoted Pokemon fan, you’re no stranger to the immersive world of Pokemon in all its wonder. 

Having in mind that this is a remake, Pokemon Nova Hoenn definitely brings a little something new to the plate. Slight changes were made, and some cool new features were added (the new system for evolving Pokemon that only evolved by trading). Whichever way you look at it, you’re guaranteed to have a great time with Pokemon Nova Hoenn. So, get ready and enjoy the ride! Have fun filling your Pokedex. 

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