Pokemon Nova Sun Nintendo 3DS

Dio Vento produced Pokémon Nova Sun ROM, a mod for Pokémon Sun. Its major goal, like the Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire hacks, is to make the game tougher without unfairly limiting the player. The most notable aspect of 3DS Nova Sun is the complete reimagining of Pokémon Trainers around the world to boost the game’s difficulty. Developers tweaked every trainer in the game, and the level curve assumes that the player would use the Experience Share, implying that the player will level up quickly. Every Pokémon in a Trainer’s team has a hold item and a moveset that is appropriate for it. Trainers with Levels in the mid-nineties appear in the main story’s endgame.

Pokemon Nova Sun 3ds Citra ROM characteristics.
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Pokemon Nova Sun Story

The player begins as a little child migrating with their mother from Kanto to Alola’s Melemele Island. After meeting Lillie and saving her special Pokémon, Nebby, the player acquires a starter Pokémon from local Professor Kukui and joins local teenager Hau on the island challenge, a coming-of-age tradition that spans trials across Alola.

Trials, unlike previous games, feature combat with enhanced Pokémon, followed by battles with each island’s Kahuna after completing each island’s trials. During this time, the player will come across Team Skull, a gang of people who quit the island trials, led by Guzma and enforced by Gladion. The player will also come across the Aether Foundation, which aims to protect Pokémon from different threats.

Pokemon Nova Sun Story

An unknown creature known as an Ultra Beast emerges from a wormhole during a visit to the Aether Foundation’s base, Aether Paradise—a very huge floating structure—but escapes before it can be fought or captured. Gladion reveals that Team Skull has been working for the Aether Foundation, capturing Nebby to exploit its powers in summoning Ultra Beasts, once the player has beaten Team Skull at their stronghold. With Hau and Gladion’s assistance, the player battles his way through Aether Paradise, eventually defeating Aether president Lusamine, who is revealed to be Gladion and Lillie’s mother.

Despite this, Lusamine and Guzma manage to open an Ultra Wormhole by overclocking Nebby’s powers and transporting them to Ultra Space, the dimension of the Ultra Beasts. While Ultra Beasts are unleashed on Alola’s islands, Nebby evolves into a cocoon-like form, requiring the island Kahunas and guardian deities to confront them.

Game Features of Pokemon Nova Sun

Pokemon Nova Sun 3DS ROM has various changes in almost every aspect of the game!

Pokemon Nova Sun 3DS ROM for Citra


You can play Pokemon Nova Sun in four different builds! Only the availability of Wild Pokémon differs:

Legitimate Build: All Wild Pokémon are completely legal to trade and will not be flagged as “hacked” by any validity checkers. Normally, Island Scan Pokémon can be found in the wild. The majority of nocturnal Pokémon may be found during the day (rarer than they are at night, usually). For diurnal Pokémon, the opposite is true. Rare and intriguing Pokémon have been reassigned to more common positions.

Leveled Build: Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but they’ve been leveled up to keep up with the NS/steep UM’s level curve. They’ll be 100% authentic after a short tweak in PKHeX.

Expanded Build: All non-legendary (Tapu/UB/Mythical Pokémon count as Legendaries) wild Pokémon are now available at the same level as the Leveled Build.

Lite Build: There were no changes to the Sun and Moon Wild Encounter Tables.

Except for the Lite Build, all builds have the following features:

  • Scan of the Islands Pokémon can be found in the wild!
  • Tweaked rarity within locations!
  • Some grass patches are ideal for painless and early SOS EV training!
  • In the wild, all species have Hold Items, but wild Pokémon have them more frequently! (Even in the Lite Version)
  • Wild Meowth, Wimpod, Murkrow, Pikipek, and others hold Bottle Caps or Golden Bottle Caps! (Even in the Lite Version)

Trainers Changes

Much tougher Level Curve: EXP Share Rebalanced!

  • New Trainer teams, many with six Pokémon, have been created from the ground up!
  • Captains, Kahunas, and other bosses are all equipped with six Pokémon!
  • During the main tale, every fully evolved non-legendary Pokémon (including Mega Evolution) will be encountered in a Trainer’s team!
  • Totems pose a much bigger threat and challenge than before!
  • Trainers have the ability to EV Train their Pokémon.

Evolution changes

Alternative ways for Trade Evolutions are now available. You can continue to evolve them via their standard trading procedures.

Alternative techniques are now available for non-Eevee Pokémon that evolve in specified places. You can still evolve them by going to their usual level-up spots.

You can use the Sun or Moon Stone to evolve version-based Evolutions.

Pokemon Nova Sun Map

Item changes

  • To replace duplicate items, the Poké Mart lists have been consolidated!
  • There’s a 90% discount on all Poké Balls and Repels!
  • Apricorn and Beast Balls are now available to purchase!
  • In addition to Revive, Sacred Ash is available. To discourage their use in battle, revives are substantially more expensive (Sacred Ash is unusable during battle).
  • To counteract the dramatically increased money earned due to higher-level opponents, certain healing supplies cost extra.
  • Standard Poké Marts sell cost-effective consumables!
  • Competitive products like Leftovers and Life Orbs are now available at Thrifty Megamart. Remember to pick up a Discount Coupon at the door!
  • You can purchase the six EV Reduction Berries in Konikoni’s Incense Shop. Removing unused EVs (SpA on Machamp, etc.) is an excellent method to improve your team without actively doing so!

Other Changes

  • Custom Title Screens are available!
  • Eggs now hatch in a fraction of a second. Every species now has a hatch rate of one cycle. It’s worth noting that this does not apply to Event or Traded eggs.
  • You can no longer see the approaching Pokémon in Switch Mode.
  • There is now an in-game transaction for a 6IV Ditto with a Destiny Knot!
  • The hackers have tweaked the learnsets to make it easier to access moves, especially in Expanded and Leveled Builds.  The majority of Level 1 moves have been included in the standard level-up learnset, ensuring that species no longer miss out on maneuvers just because they were encountered at a high level. All Pokémon movesets are still completely legal. Tweaked Level-up learnset’s moves.
  • Enhanced pickup tables!
  • SOS calls are now available to all species.

How to Play

You can play this Pokemon Nova Sun ROM on a PC via the Citra Emulator or a Nintendo 3DS! To begin, vanquish all of the Great Kahunas and complete their trials by eliminating the Totem Pokemon. After that, defeat the elite four and the champion to become the Alola region’s Pokemon Champion! Some of the Pokémon you’ll battle and train with will be able to learn new Z-Attacks, which are very powerful attacks that can only be performed once in combat. Every type of Pokémon has Z-Moves, as well as Z-Moves that are only available to certain Pokémon.

After all of that fighting, the Pokémon Refresh feature can help keep your Pokémon in top condition. Treat any illnesses your Pokémon may be suffering from, including poisoning and paralysis. In addition, the closer your Pokémon becomes to you, the better they will fight!

Pokemon Nova Sun Download 3DS ROM for Citra

Pokémon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon are mods for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Like my Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire hacks, their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player.