Pokemon Star Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Star is a sequel mod developed by Rusyaas for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Many hardcore Pokemon fans enjoy this ROM hack because of its crazy new ideas and unprecedented features! Join us on this journey in discovering this extraordinary title, Pokemon Star!

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Pokemon Star Story

Pokemon Star ROM Hack Scratch Cat Girl

This Pokemon journey takes place in one of the most beautiful regions, Alola. This Hawaii-inspired landscape contains many regional forms of old Pokemon and most of them are from the Kanto region. 

Pokémon Star is a sequel to Pokémon Sun and Moon. After failing to restore Lusamine, Lillie returns to Alola with only a portion of her body restored. To help return Lusamine to her old self, you and Lillie must journey across Alola populated with Ultra Beasts. In Kanto, Lillie was able to place Lusamine in Bill’s separation machine. Lusamine and Nihilego were split up, but not in the way she had anticipated.

Now, Lusamine is a Mini Lusamine, with only a piece of her body. However, Nihilego appears to have amnesia. Moreover, Lusamine’s body is currently in Nihilego’s possession at the Aether Paradise. Lillie’s starting will be the one who has a type advantage over yours, as is customary in rivalry situations. One of the starters, Alolan Vulpix, Zeraora, (Wishiwashi/Bounsweet/Salandit), an Ultra Beast, and Nebby are among her companions. 

Furthermore, you’ll meet a strange duo as you continue through the game who are striving to figure out their true origins. They’re known as Fallers, and you’ve agreed to help them. Later on, Looker will give you Totem Beast/AZ-Floette at Heahea Beach in exchange. In the meantime, Anabel will be trading Legendary Pokemon at various locations. Stop the Ultra Recon Squad and find out who they are!

Game Features of Pokemon Star

This mod is one of the most ambitious projects made for Pokemon games of the 3DS generation. 

Added Pokemon

Zeraora, Marshadow, Ultra Beasts, and a slew of other new regional forms, like Alolan Voltorb and Machamp, are now in the wild. Now, the mythical Pokemon have stats that are comparable to those of a conventional Pokemon. Also, at Route 1, all gen1-6 starters are now available. Outside of Po Town, their second evolutions are available. Furthermore, almost every common Pokemon may be found in the wild. Some of them, such as Combee, Cherubi, and Wimpod, have improved movesets and stats. 

New Pokemon:

  • Alolan Voltorb (Elec/Fire)
  • Alolan Electrode (Elec/Fire)
  • Harambe (Fighting/Ghost)
  • Alolan Machoke (Fighting/Dark)
  • Alolan Machamp (Fighting/Fire
  • Ice Form Lycanroc (Ice)
  • Wariocorio (Poison/Flying)
  • Splatooneon (Poison)
  • Spookeon (Ghost)
  • UB-Solar (Fire/Steel)
  • UB-Lunar(Ice/Ghost)
  • Ultra Rowlet, Litten… Brionne (Same Typings)
  • Ultra Beast-Queen (Psychic)
  • UB-Queen Ultra Forme (Dragon/Dark)
  • UB-Queen Ultra Totem Forme (Dragon/Dark)
Pokemon Star Alolan Machoke and Alolan Machamp

Stats and typing changes

  • Farfetch’d’s stats and movesets have improved.
  • For the sake of evolution, Alolan Muk has learned Swallow at Level 50.
  • Combee and Vespiqueen’s stats and movesets have been enhanced.
  • Cherrim’s type has been changed from Grass/Fire to Grass/Fire. Her default form is now her sunshine form. Improved metrics and movesets are now available.
  • The speed of Oranguru has increased.
  • Wimpod now features more advanced movesets, such as a Bug-type.
  • At Level 40, Poipole learns Dragon Pulse.
  • The typing of Necrozma has been altered to Dragon/Psychic. Guardian of Alola may be used by regular Necrozma, while Light that Burns the Sky can be used by Totem Necrozma.
  • Due to their availability during the usual playthrough, Latios, Entei, Meloetta, Zeraora, and Marshadow have had their stats decreased.
  • Due to their essential role in the game, all Ultra Beasts have had their stats decreased, except for Lunalas, Solgaleos, Necrozmas, Poipole, and Naganadel.

Ultra Evolutions

Ultra Beasts Pokemon Star

Importantly, now you can force select Pokemon to evolve into Ultra Beasts by duplicating the severe circumstances in the Ultra Spaces! As you go through the Pokemon Star 3DS Citra mod, Gladion will gradually tell you of these prerequisites. These Pokemon have their special powers, and their HA is Beast Boost. Totem Beasts, Poipole, and Naganadel are the only ones who still have Beast Boost as a regular ability.

Ultra Starters

When you feed your starter an Ultra Malasada, it will develop into its Ultra Form, which has new stat distributions, movesets, and abilities. Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina each have five Ultra Forms that may be obtained by leveling up while holding an Ultra Malasada or Beast Ball at any time of day or night. You can simply feed it another Ultra Malasada to return it to its original state.

New Trainers

  • Kunoichi – A ninja instructor
  • Kartenvoy – The Ultra Forest man
  • Acerola with Emoji Overdose – Spooky Girl
  • A shadow trainer is a shadow boy.
  • Lysandre, a Super Saiyan with yellow, red, and blue hair and an orange gi
  • Lysandre with black hair and an orange gi in Ultra Instinct
  • Elio/mother, Selene’s Scratch Cat Girl, returns to Alola to spread her cat knowledge.
  • Captain David – An experienced steel-type trainer and Kiawe’s friend Captain Raika – Ryuki’s sister, who is also from a distant place. An expert on Zeraora and electric-type pokemon.
  • This time, Aether Wicke is the Pokemon Professor.
  • Moon Kahuna – A kahuna from a different Alola. Only the defense of the title.

The majority of trainers who previously only had one Pokemon now have two! Wow! Cynthia, who has a different specialty for each route, has replaced the route leaders. Now, Ultra Beasts are available to Captains, Kahunas, and Elite Fours.

Lookers and Anabel Pokemon Star

Trials Changes

Totem Pokemon have been replaced by Totem Beasts, which are larger versions of Totem Pokemon. As a result, Alola needs Ultra Captains to handle these Totem Beasts.

Bug-type master Guzma (Pheromosa), Poison-type master Plumeria (Nihilego), Steel-type master David (Celesteela), and Electric-type master Raika (Xurkitree) are ready to take on your challenge!

How to Play

Fortunately, you can play this game on a PC via the Citra Emulator, or a Nintendo 3DS! Firstly, defeat all of the Great Kahunas and clear their trials by defeating the Totem Pokemon. After that, conquer the elite four and the champion to become the Pokemon Champion of the Alola region! Some of the Pokémon you’ll train and battle with can learn new Z-Attacks, which are very powerful moves that can only be used once in combat. There are Z-Moves for every type of Pokémon, as well as Z-Moves that are only available to select Pokémon.

After all that combat, the Pokémon Refresh feature can help maintain your Pokémon in great shape. Take care of your Pokémon by treating any illnesses they may have, such as poisoning and paralysis. Furthermore, the more affectionate your Pokémon becomes with you, the better they will fight. Lastly, with Pokémon Refresh, you can take good care of your Pokémon, and they’ll be terrific friends on your quest!

Look forward to all the places to visit, things to do, and Pokémon to find in Pokémon Star!

Download Pokemon Star 3DS ROM for Citra Emulator

Pokemon Star With his talent, an author named Rusyass has created a whole new world based on the original Pokemon Ultra Moon game. In the game, the most noticeable is probably the appearance of Ultra Beasts that act like other regular Pokemon. In addition, you will also encounter many new characters that influence the story you will experience.

Pokemon Star cover image