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No one will ever find the name Pokémon Sun odd if you’ve been a fan for a long time. Pokémon Sun ROM is a game from the seventh generation published on November 18th, 2016, for Nintendo 3DS systems, similar to earlier Pokémon generations that generally offer two versions with minor differences in narrative or material.

Although Sun follows the tried-and-true pattern that has helped Pokémon sustain its success for the previous two decades, several significant modifications included this time around constitute a series of reinventions.

Pokémon Sun citra roms and statistics for the Nintendo 3DS

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Pokémon Sun: About The Game

The player is a young Kanto resident visiting his mother in Alola. The lovely archipelago has characteristic beaches and forests, as well as Melemele Island. During gaming, he meets Lillie, the resident Pokémon researcher, and Professor PKGKukui himself gives them their beginning Pokémon! To complete each mission/task, players must travel to numerous islands and battle formidable monsters such as Tyranitar and Carbink. They face Skull minions with the intent of bringing this tranquil paradise back into our world.

Players will eventually uncover mysteries buried in Alola’s huge territory during the game Pokémon Sun Rom. They eventually come upon a Cosmog named Nebby, who possesses unique powers that allow him to generate light and use it for various purposes. This includes boosting up his fellow Pokémon and even mending himself!

Pokémon Sun: Game Features

Pokémon Sun fire grass and water

The Pokédex

The classic Pokédex has been given a significant update in Sun, making it a vital component in any trainer’s toolkit. It not only serves as a map and keeps track of how and where to catch uncommon Pokémon, but it can also communicate with you, thanks to Rotom, the show’s host. In addition, the updated Pokédex introduces new ways to find Pokémon. For example, the ability to scan QR codes with the 3DS to learn more about individual Pokémon and learn about the Alola region where the game takes place.


The addition of Mega Evolutions was a major selling factor for Pokémon X and Y. This element returns in Sun, along with the addition of another crystal-based system that significantly alters gameplay. The Z-Ring is a gadget that allows players to hold Z-Crystals, which you can find buried around the Alola region.

These crystals you may utilize to unleash a devastating super move in combat. However, they only work if the Pokémon you are using possesses a move that matches the crystal kind. Players can store up to six crystals at a time and can only utilize a Z-Move once each fight. Nintendo is promoting Z-Moves to the point that they’re offering a wristband that you may wear while playing the game. Because of its light-up abilities and music effects, the gadget will make conflicts more exciting.


While the improved presentation makes Pokémon battles even more than they were before, there are several essential quality of life improvements that make the act of fighting better than it’s ever been. The inclusion of a type efficacy indicator is the most significant modification. Unlike every previous Pokémon game, where you must continually look up or memorize which moves and kinds are thriving in a particular circumstance, Sun’s system automatically tracks a move’s efficacy after the first time you use it against a specific Pokémon.

Rides With Pokémon

The option to freely ride any Pokémon while exploring is one of the most often requested features for future Pokémon games. Sun finally includes it! Pokémon Rides are similar to HM moves from previous games in the sense that they allow you to call a Pokémon to ride on. However, you cannot then utilize them in combat.

A Sharper Narrative

While Sun isn’t delivering a Shakespearean tale, it does put a greater emphasis on plot than any other Pokémon game. The game requires you to go across the four isles of Alola, passing skill tests and fighting the region’s most brutal trainers. You could find yourself engaged in Sun’s narrative more than you expected.

How To Play Pokémon Sun Roms?

Pokémon Sun and Moon on Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Sun, like previous Pokémon games, employs Gym Leaders to put your trainer abilities to the test. To obtain their badge, you must beat all eight gym leaders around the Alola region using Pokémon from your party in the respective gym site. Each gym leader has Pokémon of a certain Pokémon kind that they will employ in their Pokémon fight against you, and the Pokémon they use can be of any level.

It also contains Elite Four members that you must battle before completing your Pokémon League quest. The Elite Four, like gym leaders, are at random levels, and each Pokémon type has a distinct Elite Four member. Each member’s Pokémon kinds are either weak or powerful versus one another. It means that certain Pokémon are better than others at eliminating other Elite Four members! To become the Pokémon Champion, you must complete these four tasks!

The Challenge On The Island

It’s based on the classic Pokémon game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, so that it might sound familiar. You may travel across the Alola area in this game, completing various challenges that appear as Pokémon narrative events! You can only obtain some Pokémon by completing this procedure, so be sure to do it at least once if you want to capture them all!

Elite Four And Gym Leaders

To prepare for these conflicts, it’s necessary to know more than eight gym leaders and four elite members. The importance of preparation cannot be overstated! You don’t have to train your Pokémon, but if they’re more robust with more excellent stats or unique powers from moves and other things, you’ll have a better chance of defeating them! Even though some of your Pokémon is quite powerful, it allows weaker Pokémon to fight back in various ways. Pokémon carrying berries can allow you to hit an opponent’s Pokémon powerfully before they spin around and strike. A Pokémon possessing the move Fake Out, for example, will use it on yours to cause them to flinch, reducing your Pokémon’s attack accuracy!

A Helpful Tip

If you’re having difficulties dealing with Pokémon who are still too powerful, use status ailments like poison or paralysis on opponents who are vulnerable to such status effects.

Pokémon Suns Battle System

There are several different teams in the region where you are now residing. All of those teams are willing to battle with you. You need to defeat all of your opponents, and the combat effects have enhanced over previous Pokémon games. As soon as you defeat your opponents in combat, your experience points will quickly increase. By hitting all of your foes, you can also raise your hitpoints. You can find Wild Pokémon in various locations, and you should capture them as soon as possible. Wild Pokémon are ready for training immediately.


Pokémon Sun Rom 3Ds Citra offers a lot of features that will keep you occupied. You can capture over 300 different varieties of Pokémon. While the map system takes some time to complete, it’s well worth it to have your Pokedex checked off as soon as possible! With vividly detailed 3D graphics without sacrificing quality or visibility, Pokémon Sun stands out from other games by offering something unique: realistic images that are never seen before on portable devices like these.

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