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Developed by Monolith Soft with the assistance of Red Entertainment and Capcom, Project X Zone is a crossover tactical RPG game. The game was released by Namco Bandai Games in October 2012 for Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly, this particular ROM is a follow-up of Namco x Capcom and features characters from this Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega 2005 video game. 

For the purpose of this ROM, developers gathered up several beloved characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega franchises, and then dropped them all into this RPG game. It’s seemingly confusing, but the game definitely makes up for it with a downright addictive battle system.

Projext X Zone Specifications for Nintendo 3DS Citra ROM

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Project X Zone Story

Project X Zone Gameplay

Our tale begins in 20XX AD, and the world finds itself in a state of quiet chaos. Strange things go on in the shadows, and who knows what kind of creatures lurk behind in the dark. On top of that, there are mysterious dimensional portals connecting the real world to others left unknown.

However, people came to terms with such facts over time and accepted them as part of their everyday life. Yet they remained unaware of the people and organizations who fought evil and continue to do so.

The Kouryuji Estate is home to a family that has worked in favor of humanity, protecting it in the shadows. Now is when the story gets complicated. There exists a Portstone, a treasure guarded by the family for generations. But alas, someone has stolen the sacred treasure. 

With the help of a private detective named Kogoro Tenzai, Mii Kouryuji hopes to find the stone. Who stole it, and why? Thoughts and ambitions of different people, mythical beings, and organizations all begin to stir, mixing up a fine batch of chaos. 

World of the past and future, and dimensions all become involved soon enough. So, our heroes’ journey begins. 


Project X Zone Battle Mechanics

There are 41 chapters in this 3DS ROM, and they all take place in grid-based locations from the game’s crossover titles. On top of that, this ROM for 3DS uses the Cross Active Battle System. Now, all 60 playable characters are split into 2 categories – Pairs and Solo. As the name would suggest, Pairs consist of two characters fighting together, while the Solos fight alone, and they can also be assigned to any unit. Additionally, Solo characters can be paired with any Pair of characters. 

This is an important thing to remember – Solo characters may have their own abilities and spells which you can use to counter the Pair’s weaknesses. For instance, Neneko is able to prevent a counter-attack with her How Puzzling! ability, consequently stopping the boss from using their finisher on her assigned Pair character. 

While we’re on the subject, only the lead hero like Yuri, Toma, Ryu, or X in Pair Units will get attacked during the enemy’s finisher moves and map attacks. On the other hand, partner characters such as Estelle, Cyrille, Ken or Estelle, won’t suffer any damage. Be that as it may, partner characters do have their own death quotes if their unit gets knocked out. Basically, it’s a one-for-all-and-all-for-one type of deal. 

Game Features of Project X Zone

Project X Zone Battle Comeback

Being a crossover, Project X Zone has a lot going on. As a result, it might be a little difficult to keep up with all of its features. For this reason, we’ve rounded up some of the ROMs most basic features, including:

Support Attack and Cross Hit

The first feature requires the close proximity of a fellow party member or a nearby ally, and it allows you to attack an enemy with 5 characters (a solo unit, a pair unit, and a nearby pair unit), inflicting massive damage. Furthermore, Cross Hits will also bind the enemy in place, making the chances of your attacks missing their target pretty low. 

Critical Hits 

In case the characters somehow manage to land hits as the enemy almost hits the ground after being hoisted into the air, the damage numbers will be displayed in yellow, which indicates critical hits. Either way, the increased damage will definitely do a number on your foe.  

Bonus Experience

Bonus experience will be added to your unit’s winning, depending on the unit’s number of critical hits, cross hits, and overall hits landed. If the Pair unit’s finisher move manages to completely annihilate the target, a further bonus will be granted. Go team! 

How to Play

Project X Zone Red Arremer

You can play Project X Zone 3DS ROM on your PC or 3DS. Both versions will run fine, so you’re good to go with whichever one you pick. By pressing the A button with the Circle Pad, you’ll be able to perform up to 5 attack combos. Elements like Support Attack and Cross Hit will allow you to inflict some serious damage to your enemies. 

Also, you can trigger Critical Hits by connecting your following attack right before your enemy drops down after the first hit. While your units inflict damage, your Cross Power (XP) gauge fills up. You can eventually use it for defensive moves and special attacks. What’s more, the damage inflicted this way can fill up the gauge by 150%. 

Helpful Tips 

In order for you to have the most enjoyable experience playing this 3DS ROM, we’d like to offer you some helpful tips.

Timing Your Attacks 

The Project X Zone 3DS Cross Active Battle system involves a lot of time-juggling in order to inflict critical hits. So, studying which attacks will launch your enemies and which will send them flying will be greatly beneficial. As a result, your attacks will be more focused on setting up your enemy for rounds and rounds of critical hits. 

Get as Many Treasure Chests as You Can 

In the ROM, you get items by crushing obstacles on the battlefields or you can obtain them from treasure chests. However, getting to some of these treasure chests can be a little hard since some of them are a long way off. Nonetheless, the items you’ll find once you get them are definitely worth the mileage. For this reason, getting your hands on every treasure chest you can get seems like a pretty good idea.

Final Thoughts on Project X Zone 3DS ROM for Citra

All in all, Project X Zone for Citra is a challenging RPG mixed with a little bit of mindless fun. The 3DS ROM gameplay and features paired with Project X’ over-the-top attitude make it a unique experience. If you’re looking for something engaging yet challenging, give this ROM a try. Who knows, maybe some characters will pique your interest to check out the games included in the crossover. And most importantly, remember to have fun! The Project X Zone 3DS ROM download link for Citra is right below.

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