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There is one thing that all Nintendo gadgets have in common: a few Mario-related games. Super Mario 3D Land, was released as the first fanchise installment on the Nintendo 3DS platform for gamers to enjoy. To add originality, this game features several variances from its older and even younger counterparts. Initially released in 2011, the game became popular, with users purchasing over five million copies to play. It swiftly rose to the sixth best-selling game among all 3DS titles, which is a respectable position.

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Super Mario 3D Land: About The Game

Shigeru Miyamoto, the game’s inventor, characterized Super Mario 3D Land as a “3D Mario that plays like a 2D Mario game.” Super Mario 3D Land blends aspects from old side-scrolling Mario games with those from recent open-world Mario games, making it more three-dimensional. Similar to past games, the goal is to reach flagpole before the time runs out. The game’s health system is similar to that of other Mario games in that Mario shrinks when struck or touched by opponents or hazards, and damage while “little” results in the loss of life.

The game includes several classic items, like the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman. However, there are also some new power-ups that provide Mario a distinctive costume with new powers.

The Super Leaf, which lets Mario transform into Tanooki Mario and attack with his raccoon-like tail while floating in the air, and the Statue Leaf, which allows Mario to change into a statue and the Propeller Box, have all been shown. The Boomerang Flower, which transforms Mario into Boomerang Mario and allows him to fling boomerangs, is also present. The Question Box, a costume that lets Mario gather coins by strolling about while wearing it, was later shown.

While A Mario Platformer does respectively not need to be in 3D, it makes some barriers or areas of interest more visible or accessible when enabled. The 3DS gyroscope is also used for binoculars in Super Mario 3D Land, allowing players to search for Toads and collect more power-ups. StreetPass is also available in the game, which allows players to trade mystery boxes holding additional goodies. Luigi is also a playable character in the game, but the handles are different than Mario’s.

The Game Story

The narrative opens with a storm stripping the leaves from a particular tree that grows in Princess Peach’s palace; Mario and the Toads investigate and discover that the leaves are Super Leaves. They find an image of Bowser, indicating that he abducted Princess Peach. Mario aims to save the princess and figure out Bowser’s plot.

This version’s visuals are sophisticated 3D, similar to other Super Mario games with conventional side-scrolling action. You’ll have to battle tricky terrain, traps, and a slew of foes in the game’s numerous fascinating stages. Mario now has two new abilities: rolling and leaping, which aid in breaking blocks by allowing him to jump into blocks from below. Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Starman, and extra clothes that transform the character into a different shape with unique skills and a variety of other intriguing objects, emerge.

Super Mario 3D Land: Game Features

Super Mario 3D land gameplay mario in racoon costume hitting mushroom enemies

With the first natural 3D platforming environment without special glasses, Super Mario 3D Land reinvents what players love about Mario gaming. While sprinting, leaping, and stomping on adversaries across the levels, players will experience an incredible new sensation of depth, distance, and speed. There are a variety of clothes to choose from. Amongst them is the fan-favorite Tanooki Suit, which lets you strike your adversaries in a new fashion or drift down from greater heights.

Those who download or purchase Super Mario 3D Land desire familiar gameplay, yet new adventures. As you take on new opponents such as enormous stacks of Goombas, ink-spitting Piranha Plants, and Goombas with tails, make full use of Mario’s characteristic techniques, new talents, and ability to locate hidden shortcuts and treasures. The following are some of its features:

  • On the Nintendo 3DS, the fan-favorite Tanooki outfit makes its debut. Use the Tanooki suit’s tail to hit adversaries or to drift down from vast heights. These powers allow gamers to travel more confidently across 3D settings.
  • Players can evaluate the depths and distances in their locations more easily using 3D images. Players can gauge the distance between Mario and the next platform more correctly. They can also estimate the distance between Mario and a question block.
  • The journey has new and familiar skills that contribute to the game’s distinctive gameplay methods. Mario may perform a rolling somersault attack or a dash to keep up with his opponents.
  • The Circle Pad provides gamers total control over Mario, allowing them to navigate comfortably through enjoyable and challenging locations.
  • Goombas can now have tails, enormous stacks of Goombas are a new enemy, and there’s also an ink-spitting Piranha Plant that can block your view.

How To Play Super Mario 3D Land?

Every trip, including Super Mario 3D Land, must begin somewhere. Fortunately, the beginning of most adventures is relatively straightforward. This world includes a meadow with Tail Goombas, a cave with Inky Pirahna Plants, and Bowser’s first castle to let you get your feet wet with the many sorts of levels available.

A Toad House and a Mystery Box are also available here. This planet exposes you to many power-ups, including the beneficial Tanooki Suit, as well as other concepts that will be employed throughout the game. The initial encounter with Bowser is significantly more intense than the last portable Mario game’s showdown.

The addition of a gyroscope and StreetPass completes the package, resulting in an optimal 3DS experience. When gazing through a pair of binoculars in certain of the stages, use the gyroscope to tilt the device and look at obstacles ahead. You can also zoom in on a captured Toad, which might occasionally produce a 1-Up Mushroom, Power-Up, or even a secret medal. You may use StreetPass to unlock mystery boxes.

These are timed challenge chambers in which you must gather all coins and battle all opponents to receive a medal. When you StreetPass with other 3DS users, you can see their best times on each level. This is a terrific way to challenge yourself by beating their times.


The first 3DS game to completely utilize the system’s potential is Super Mario 3D Land. It is the ideal 3DS experience, with an expertly balanced difficulty progression, stunning level design, and masterful Power-Ups. The initial eight worlds go by a little too fast. But, there’s still plenty of replay value here, thanks to bonus material you earn later. Super Mario 3D Land becomes a more profound experience the longer you play it. Overall, 3D Land is wonderful and addicting. If you own a Nintendo 3DS device, you have no choice but to get this game.

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