Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive video game released in 2011. The plot revolves around an Ultranationalist politician named Yuri Treskayev’s desire for power in Russia. The presidential elections are approaching, and Treskayev is now polling in second place. Meanwhile, the Ghosts uncover a plot in Kazakhstan to destabilize nations bordering Russia, but they cannot link it to Treskayev. It appears to be linked to the “Dead Hand Bases” of the Soviet period, which are being revived one by one. As the situation worsens, Ghosts battle on the front lines and later deep into enemy territory in Siberian terrains.

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars: About Game

It’s a fantastic start. The plot is a little cheesy: in an impending presidential election in Russia, Yuri Treskayev, an ardent nationalist contender, plans to provoke unrest and disorder in neighboring countries. His devious plan harms Russia’s interests and undermines the existing President, allowing him to seize power. Your ‘Ghosts,’ a band of six special ops troops, stand in his way, determined to thwart his ambitions.

The enemies are a variety of cardboard cut-out villains, with your Ghosts conforming to almost every US action soldier stereotype. It’s not exactly modern storytelling. The enemies are generic cut-out baddies. Your Ghosts are fitting practically every cliche of a US combat troop. The plot keeps things moving forward, allowing you to focus on the most crucial aspect of the game: shooting bad guys and blowing everything up.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars: Game Features

Your job as the Ghosts’ leader is to prevent Russian ultranationalist Yuri Treskayev from gaining power. You must uncover and destroy the hidden Soviet-era “Dead Hand” sites that Treskayev uses to assemble an army of drones to grab control, from the hot deserts of Kazakhstan to the cities and villages of Ukraine and the freezing tundra of Siberia. You’ll have complete control over how you develop, train, and equip your team. All of this will progressively rely on high-tech weaponry and armor.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Haze with hostiley on map 3DS
  • In-game effects and 3D cutscenes that make monsters and stuff appear to spring out at you!
  • Use the Touch Screen to navigate the mini-map quickly and easily.
  • Train and lead the most incredible special operations squad in the world.
  • You get to choose from six different sets of classes. Each has its own abilities: Commando, Sniper, Recon, Engineer, Gunner, and Medic.
  • As you continue through the game, you’ll get access to new talents and equipment.
  • Equip your ghosts with cutting-edge battle gear, including drones!
  • In a deep and convincing Tom Clancy scenario, try to foil the ultranationalists’ wicked ambitions.
  • Explore a variety of Eastern European-themed landscapes.
  • There are 37 missions in the story mode, totaling more than 30 hours of gameplay.
  • Unlock 20 challenging “skirmish” tasks with three difficulty levels.
  • Make a challenge for your pals.
  • On a single 3DS, you’ll find eleven one-on-one battle maps. They let you figure out who the genuine special ops squad leader is.
  • Use Parental Controls and keep children under the age of six out of the 3D mode.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars: How To Play?

Ghost Recon is a turn-based strategy game that is played from an above third-person perspective. The D-Pad and several buttons are used to pick characters, view the line of fire, and select weapons throughout the game. The touchscreen provides you with all the critical information you need to prepare efficiently, including an environment map, your character’s remaining health, weapon selections, and ammo. The controls are straightforward and reasonably easy to pick up once you’ve become used to navigating about the area using the D-Pad.

Finding the correct amount of immersion and difficulty while avoiding a bewildering jumble of weapon and attack variants is a problem for turn-based strategy games. Shadow Wars really shines in this area. For example, your Ghost team players represent six various types of units. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

A sniper is good at long range but can’t return fire. On the other side, a recon unit can escape discovery and kill in close quarters but is fragile and weak when detected. You learn how to employ each new character successfully as you get to know them. Plus, it is exhilarating when a well-planned attack pays off.

It’s not only about getting to know your teammates; it’s also about getting to know the environment you’re fighting in. The game pushes you to think about firing range, cover, and the fear of return fire, to mention a few.  You must also acquire command points to receive rewards such as more power points for your squad or, most importantly, airstrikes.

Strategies And Modes

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars enemy rifles overview 3DS

There’s a lot of strategic complexity here, but the developers did an excellent job of balancing the gameplay such that it’s accessible to players of all skill levels. The came consists of three difficulty levels in the game: Rookie, Veteran, and Elite. In Elite mode, you gain the highest mission points and may swiftly improve your crew. This most challenging setting is like playing chess with a grandmaster since one badly-planned move puts you on the back foot. The Veteran option seemed about perfect to us throughout our playthrough: the AI was clever and complex, and a handful of missteps meant a seat-of-the-pants conclusion to the task without dealing with the game over panels.

The most extended mode is the single-player campaign. It consists of 37 missions, some of which involve a slew of goals and will take well over an hour to complete. Far expert gamers will take over 20 hours to complete the quest, while less experienced strategists will take even longer. Your missions take you to various places, but they always have the same three objectives: kill the wrong people, blow stuff up, and activate or deactivate a device by entering a particular room or region. Specific players may find the campaign to be monotonous, but lovers of the genre and those who have immersed themselves in the game will gladly accept whatever is thrown at them.

Bonus Content

Also, there are several Skirmish tasks to complete. These are scenario-based stages that are unlocked as you go through the campaign; you are allocated sure ghosts to battle with, such as a squad of gunners charged with beating a competing team of snipers. The missions are well-thought-out, and completing them adds to the campaign’s existing ranking system. These skirmishes add diversity and complexity to the title as an excellent bonus feature.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer tasks are gradually unlocked as the campaign progresses. After selecting a battlefield and providing two players with mini-armies, it’s simply a matter of taking turns attempting to remove the other player. However, the game’s sheer amount of information and number of play-hours make it a memorable experience.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive games available for the 3DS’s debut. The plot and characters are memorable, the multiplayer is fantastic, and the graphics are stunning. The creators have done an outstanding job building a turn-based strategy game that both newbies can enjoy to the genre and seasoned strategists. Shadow Wars will undoubtedly convert you if you aren’t already a fan of this genre of game. And, if you’re a fan of the genre or have previously played games like this, the advice is simple: get this game from our website right away.

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Game functions with minor graphical or audio glitches and is playable from start to finish. May require some workarounds. – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Citra Emu Compatibility

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