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WarioWare Gold is a Nintendo 3DS party game developed by Nintendo EPD and Intelligent Systems and released by Nintendo. It was published in PAL countries in July 2018, then in North America and Japan. It is the ninth instalment in the WarioWare series. The game includes a collection of microgames from around the franchise and a few new ones. WarioWare Gold has a total of 316 microgames, the most of any WarioWare game to date. “WarioWare: Twisted!” for the Game Boy Advance previously held the record.

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WarioWare Gold: Game Story

Wario discovers he is entirely out of money after stealing a golden pot from a temple in Luxeville. Wario hears a broadcast on television about Super Pyoro, a new entry in the Pyoro video game franchise that fans are anxious to get their hands on while thinking on this in his Diamond City home. Recognizing the potential profit in the burgeoning business, Wario sets out to cash in on the video game frenzy once more.

Wario broadcasts his latest plan to the people of Diamond City via his laptop and a recording device: a gaming tournament with a high entrance fee but a ten million coin prize for the winner. As is his custom, Wario summons his closest pals to help him with the majority of the job. They, of course, accept. Wario sets out to start Diamond City’s inaugural “Wario Bowl” games, putting his riches on the line. Unbeknownst to Wario, a little girl named Lulu is chasing him in an attempt to reclaim the stolen golden pot.

WarioWare Gold: Game Features

Wario, the notorious schemer, is back! Play his brand-new microgame collection, in which you have just seconds to finish 300 distinct microgames. As you chuckle through entirely spoken stories starring new and iconic characters, you’ll utilize the touchscreen, pushbuttons, tilt the system, and rock the mic!

●      There are 300 new microgames and recreated favorites from around the series!

●      Button, Tilt, Touch, and Microphone are four distinct play modes.

●      In this funny narrative, you’ll meet both new and old characters.

●      Each character has a tale with sequences that are fully voiced.

WarioWare Gold: How To Play?

WarioWare Gold Roms for Nintendo 3DS is a quirky experience with a sense of humor, re-playability, and pulse-pounding microgames that make up for its lack of depth. Its games take only a few seconds to finish on average, but it never seems monotonous with over 300 to choose from. After many hours with it, you’ll get more enamored with the elements that exist outside of the primary game.

The Story and Challenge modes include most of the game, and the Arcade mode is also available. A Capsule Machine is present in the arcade, where you can exchange your hard-earned money for various goodies. In other words, 600 pennies may get you something new to play, listen to, read, or experience in the game’s Toy Room, but you’d never know what it was until it opened. Below are a few of the things you can do there.

WarioWare Gold | Wario Sitting in front of TV playing


WarioWare Gold comprises small games, although the ones labelled as “Minigames” have a distinct vibe. There are 14 minigames, none of which are three-second flashes like the rest of the game. They’re typically more imaginative and take a lot longer to play, even if they’re not especially deep. Many of them will run until you make a mistake, allowing you to shoot for higher and higher scores.

The strangest game is when you play as a celebrity at a signing event and must write the autograph as consistently as possible for all of the fans who come to see you. If you deviate even slightly from your signature, your fans will be utterly dissatisfied with you and may even doubt that you are famous at all. But “Mewtroid 2: Return of Sameow,” a Metroid spoof in which you twist the system to aim and press a button to fire a cat’s arm cannon at foes, is one of the finest games thus far. There’s also Metroid music, but this time with cat noises.


WarioWare Gold’s Studio is the game for you if you’ve ever wanted to be a voice actor. It allows you to do your voiceover work for any of the video cutscenes you’ve unlocked so far in the game. It takes the audio track of the character you want to replace and instructs you on what and when to say it, all while recording your voice using the system’s in-game microphone. If you like, you may dub all of the lines for all of the characters in a scene and then playback the scene you just recorded. It’s a feature that many gamers may never find, but it’s too good to pass up when the opportunity arises.


There are a lot of cards, and they represent almost every character in the game. Each card includes power, timer, points, and other data, as well as a rock, paper, or scissors symbol. The cards are really for a secret game called “Wario Card,” The player uses their playing cards to defeat bosses from the microgames in rock-paper-scissors-style battles. This game appears to be a lot of fun. It’s just another reason to go through the game and acquire all of the strange items it has.


You may listen to 10 new in-game tracks from WarioWare Gold and 15 oldies from past WarioWare games in Records. All of the songs are played on a turntable in the game, and you may physically spin the records to play them fast or slow. The essential tune is “Ashley’s Theme,” which is both strange and unforgettable.


It is most likely the strangest concealed toy in the Toy Box. You may dial multiple numbers using Wario’s phone, 9-Volt’s house phone, or Jimmy’s mobile phone to uncover large secret messages throughout the game. None of these messages are essential, but they’re all broad, contributing to the WarioWare games’ strange mythos. All of these “phone numbers” are four-letter codes, so if you’re impatient, you can look them up online and punch them into the phones before even unlocking them.


WarioWare Gold is by far the most cinematic WarioWare game yet; thus, having all of the game’s entirely spoken segments in one location is fantastic. By finishing the primary Story mode, you’ll be able to unlock all of them. Even though this is Wario’s game, the supporting characters are usually the true stars. People’s favorite small narrative focuses on Mona, a popular high schooler who idolizes Wario and thinks he’s highly fashionable and aspires to be like him.


Last but not least, this section contains all of the strange items that didn’t fit anyplace else in the game. You may unroll a giant toilet paper roll with the stylus, displaying the game’s team credits. The 3DS line includes various gaming systems on which you may realistically play WarioWare Gold microgames via your game’s screen. A succession of strange alarm clocks takes up the majority of the Misc. panel. Each of the key characters has its own clock. If you select a particular wake-up time for them, the character will speak, and an irritating alarm will sound. Once you’ve completed three of that character’s microgames, it will switch off.

WarioWare Gold | Wario Face up-close


WarioWare Gold is proof that the 3DS series of handhelds is still alive and well. The microgames available are some of the greatest in the series, and the Story mode’s entirely spoken cutscenes are hilarious. The unlocked mementoes are our favourite in the series thus far, and the challenge level will keep you coming back for more. WarioWare has something for everyone with its absurdist comedy, superb voice acting, incredibly gratifying gameplay, and harsh obstacles – many of which will make even the most seasoned gamers’ hands sweat. So download the game from this website and return for more!

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WarioWare Gold has some issues in Citra. There are no graphical and audio issues, but due to the complete lack of microphone support the final boss level of the game and some microgames are not completable. Microgames with tilt control may be difficult to play with mouse tilt controls, but using CemuhookUDP with for example a DS4 controller works great. There are also slowdowns in cutscenes and may require decent hardware. – WarioWare Gold Citra Emu Compatibility

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